Thursday, September 10, 2009

More new music to check out...

Here's some new music I've got in my head and why I'm diggin' this art. And I say that and mean it... it's all art.

Jay Z with Rihanna and Kayne West - Run This Town - For some reason I think President Obama had this on in his limo as he rode down to the Capital to address Congress last night. It's just an anthem for anyone who is going to conquer whatever this life brings, penned by the most masterful wordsmith in hip hop music. It's an anthem... for all of us.

Owl City/Fireflies. Sold out shows up and down the East Coast and the South. Music with a message and FIREFLIES is amazing. Just amazing. See the video and fall in love with the song.

Backstreet Boys/Straight Through My Heart - if these guys don't get any respect in the states on radio, then, well, I hope the world will embrace them and that they will take their place as one of the best international acts on the planet. It's crazy to me that they're still not getting any respect when they're musicians and they're getting passed over by the disposable? Not insulting other acts, rather, I'm just saying that I can't understand how it is that they're not getting any respect. Or even a listen. If it's about the strength of the song against other songs, I can understand that. But I hope it's not because we've attached a stigma to them for who they are... I still think the sales story and a fan movement will make this happen... it just might take longer than we thought. I hope time is on their side. And I say that as a fan.

Mika/You Are Golden - This guy is just unique. Overseas, he's HUGE. The UK has known Mika for a while now, and when he comes over here to the states, to play at DC's 9:30 club, he always sells it out and then some. He's a staple from what I can gather in the UK but for whatever reason he's seen as too quirky for the States? I'm not sure I understand that. Maybe we need a new genre of HIT station or something. He's on our HD2 station locally which plays nothing but new music, but I wonder if he's getting the respect he's earned. This guy is the definition of an artist. Give it a listen. See if it speaks to you.

We The Kings/Heaven Can Wait - Pure pop brilliance. I've been a fan since the first listen. This song is just awesome a la Boys Like Girls and Cobra Starship. If you don't have it you're missing out. It's positive, uplifting and it tells the story of a boy who just loves a girl.

Boys Like Girls f/ Taylor Swift - Two Is Better Than One - I can just tell you that this will be a song we're playing years from now. It's unreal. UNREAL. The chemistry between Taylor and Martin is just - well - almost poetic meets romantic. It's the fabric of what artistic creation is. Sooooo good.

Esmee Denters/Outta Here - Tomorrow I'll podcast her acoustic version of this song she did for us at HOT. She was discovered on YouTube and Justin Timberlake made her the first signing on his own Tennman label. It's awesome. She's awesome. She's the real deal. And she did it organically and that's why I'm a fan.

Anyway, those are some songs I've been vibing on lately. Check 'em out and let them speak to you... 

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