Friday, September 18, 2009

LOL --> Wilson say's he'd not shout again...


This comes from the State in SC. ONE LOVE TO OTIS!

U.S. Rep. Joe Wilson, in his first public appearance in his district since his now infamous outburst during a joint session of Congress, said he would not call the president a liar if he had a chance to revisit that moment.

Wilson, a Republican, shouted "you lie" at President Obama to audible gasps, as Obama pointed out his version of health care reform would not allow illegal immigrants to benefit.

"I would never do anything like this intentionally, on purpose," Wilson said.

Wilson said his reading of the bill said the bill lacks enforcement to prevent illegal immigrants from government health coverage.

Since then, Wilson has apologized to Obama and has been admonished by his fellow congressmen for violating House rules.

Wilson has also become a hero to those who think the health plans being offered in Congress are wrongheaded and hand over to the government too much control of the nation's health care system.

Wilson said he has raised roughly $2 million from all over the country. He produced a fundraising video saying he was being attacked by liberals and would not be muzzled on the health care issue.

Wilson said it's now time to move on.

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