Thursday, September 24, 2009

Lie loud enough and long enough... and eventually...

... the people will believe it.

That is, until someone comes along who knows and tells you the truth that is so obvious that there's no way  it can be denied.

For some reason, and I admit I give into this desire at times, it is present in the human condition that we have an insatiable appetite for scandal.

For gossip.

For drama.

For things which have the hint of some sort of deception, squashing of the little guy, the presence of a grand plan designed to punish people and to change their lives.

And as such, we have people who choose for whatever reason to feed into this need. Those who feel that they need to throw fresh wood into what they think is a fire when it's really not even a single match lit to light only a candle.

We know who these people are. Paparazzi. Tabloid website owners. Gossip website people who invent stories designed to malign who hide behind a degree of anonymity while they choose very publicly do tear down people who have very real lives. Very real careers. Very real families and very real reputations.

Too often, in the world of the 'famous', these stories often times are proven true. These people stir their own pot of scandal which becomes a ready made entree served on the buffet of the global gossip stage.

But sometimes, there are people who make very real decisions - for themselves and for their own families - to made a decision which might seem unreasonable to some but is nonetheless a very real choice about life, career, reputation and happiness which presents itself that has to be made.

That's when it - as the Real World reality show being filmed here in DC would say - "stops being polite... and starts getting real..."

Consider this a real world wake up call.

There are times in life when we have choices to make. For family. For ourselves and our own happiness.  So we avail ourselves to ideas - challenges - new opportunities which we might not have thought about had we not made a choice to step out of the comfort zone of complacency to the very tumultuous climate of reality.

Right now, that environment is full of questions. Companies are losing money because other industries are losing money. While the signs of a recovery are present, the truth is that no one wants to take unnecessary risks which could have resounding implications.

But it's in these times we find opportunity.

And so, those who are looking for this break in the game get a chance to seek what they're looking for that will bring them happiness. And they get an opportunity to move up in life and career, in a role which will allow them to improve their family life, which, to me at least, is a million times more important than a professional life because it's all we as people have at the end of the day.

They get an offer. They decide to weigh their options. They accept the offer to leave the comfort zone they've known for the last several years and to take a step forward down the path which will lead them to where they're to become as they continue to move along in this life's great adventure.

And they do the right thing by the team they were on.

They resign. With notice. Telling their team they're making the decision they need to make even though it might not be easy, or what appears to be 'right' at the time. And they give their team the time typically given to a group of people whom have worked together closely to make a dent in the universe of what they do. Then the story gets told that someone is leaving...

... and we assume the worst.

We see a word like "exit" and we say they were fired.

We see a phrase like 'move on' and we say it means 'cost cut'.

When in reality, the truth is that a new fork in the road presented itself, and they chose to take the road less traveled by.

As the poet said, making the choice to take that fork in the road at times can "make all the difference."

I've called these people - those who have made the decision to answer the call - brave.

They are. I've known a few.

They're among the bravest people I've ever known.

Sure, for some life might not have been all diamonds. Some people are still living in the rough of the choices they've made. Some are in situations which are more tenuous than the ones they felt they might have left behind. For even more, the choices they've made are full of uncertainties because they've not yet stepped out on that journey yet because they're keeping their word - their bond - to their current teammates whom have shed blood, sweat and tears for what they've collectively built over time.

But even so, some tell lies. And they keep telling them. Resoundingly so. Lie after lie. Unreal bouts of fiction followed by even more unbelievable fiction. And they tell them publicly so that after a few days of bull, these individuals now find that their integrity is being questioned by the masses whom have been fed an oasis for so long that they now confuse water... with sand.

I'm here to tell you there's no sand. There's no mirage. No mysterious scheme or plan that is presenting itself. When you dig to the core and ask the questions of the people who know themselves the truth because they're part of it, you realize the truth. That things aren't what is being told. The truth is - in truth - none of their business - and that life is becoming what life always becomes...

... that which we as individuals choose to make it.

Yet some continue to lie. Yes. Lie. They invent a reality so false that it's amazing. Yet, their lies begin to hurt others - innocent people who are just trying to make ends meet day in and day out. And because there's a need to make their lies into reality, they keep lying and these innocent people have to deal with misery that sets in because they appeal to what people don't know and as a result they come to fear.

Regardless, they press on with their lies. They tear people down. Create distrust and fear.

And they just keep lying.

Even when the truth is so obvious, you can hear it live on the radio and worldwide on a myriad of apps on the web.

When you read industry sites, trade sites, gossip sites and whatnot that tell you one thing, always remember that there's another side... and then, a third side...

as an old boss once told me, "there are three sides to every story... therein lies the truth..."

The difference is, that no lie can hide that truth. It makes itself evident. It has too.


Because it's the truth.

And in doing so, that truth takes those telling the lies and discredits them.

So lie on, liars.

We've got lives to live.

While you wallow in the demise of yours.

Funny. I used to think that those who could, do and that those who can't teach.

I'm beginning to believe that those who can't - for whatever reason - lie.

And call it 'news' on their websites that are the exclamation point of a life that's epitaph will ultimately read with one word:


For my friends who have met the challenges of moving on, moving up and becoming more in this life for themselves, their families and for what they want to find that brings them happiness, I salute you. Give no credence to these liars....

Everyone knows what they're all about already.

And you've proven you're already something more.

From Washington, DC...


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