Saturday, September 19, 2009

If you lie loud enough... and long enough...

... eventually, the people will believe you.

This is a paraphrased quote attributed to either the Nazi propaganda czar Joseph Goebels... or Adolf Hitler. I forget who said it, but that's neither here nor there.

It's also what I think when I watch Fox News. 

Yup. I'll just put it out there. Fox is the modern day equivalent of the Third Reich's propaganda machine. And their rhetoric seems to be a well choreographed recital which is completely in sync with the ramblings of the GOP.

Flashes of anger at town halls become "widespread disdain".

A lack of political decorum during a Presidential speech becomes "the voice for the majority."

And, when that President in that same speech said that "if you come at me with lies and distortions, I will call you out..." It's as if Fox took that as a direct challenge. And so they started to accuse everyone who would listen of being in bed with Obama, giving him "cult of personality" coverage and over-saturation...

... and when it comes to this tea party protest Fox threw in DC, with the help of their conservative firebrand hosts, and the so-called lack of coverage it received on other Cable News Networks, they took out full page ads in newspapers and ran endless promos basically saying that they were the only ones to cover this event.

And that pissed CNN off.

So CNN, taking inspiration from the President, decided to call FOX on their fair and balanced rhetorical bulls&**t. 

Game on! 

I hope that more and more people in the media will stand up to Fox. The time for outright lies is over. The time for empty slogans like "Fair and Balanced" has past. We have real problems, real issues, and people need to hear all sides of the story, not just the ramblings from the pissed off right... 

... and not the abridged versions from the left. 

See, I think there's a great middle ground in this country that shares some beliefs on the right, some on the left, but finds a great deal of traction with things which are more progressive... that is, in the center, of  our national debate. Things like health care, a public option, a strong defense, controlled spending - these are all things we agree on. While there are details and fine print, I believe we all have truths which transcend the single issues from the fringes of both sides of the aisle. 

And it's there where decisions are being made. 

It's for those people that we need the Fourth Estate to be what it always should be and always has been... 

... the windex for our national political looking glass. 

I've recently found a site which helps me to see clearly through the fray. It's here. Have a read if you want and form your own conclusions... right of mine, left of mine, whatever... 

... just form some. And get into the conversation. 

From Washington, DC, Good morning... 


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