Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Just reading about Nick Jonas wanting a pre-nup.

And he's a bad guy..... WHY??!?!?!?

I mean, he's gotta protect that JoBro money, ya know? Seriously. It doesn't mean he loves her any less...

Here's a poem for him. It could be a song.

True love is blind
So sign on the line
I gotta cover my a$$
But I love your behind

Don't think me mean
You don't have scurvy
If you love me not my money
Let's call an attorney

Pre-Nup. It's just another way to show your love
Pre-Nup. It's a way to show you ain't some chickenheaded thug.

So sign your name on the dotted line and do it fast...
... it's a symbol to the world that our true love is meant to last!

If' you're not a gold digger, you don't need to worry...
... but if you don't sign baby, you'll be gone in a hurry!

This message sponsored by attorneys united for life and love via a strong prenup

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