Monday, September 14, 2009

He said he's sorry...

I don't condone what Kayne did.

His career has been full off this since day one. I talked to someone who has vast experience in the Urban music world about this last night, and these sorts of things - i take it - have been the way of the course for Kayne since day one.

But this is not day one.

And he's not some flash in the pan artist.

I've failed before. Kayne has failed before. He failed now.

But as a son, with a mother, I believe that this man who lost his mother recently was approached by Taylor's mom at the VMA's and it all came home for him.

His mother... what would she have said about this.

And I think she would have loved her son but have expected better.

I think Kayne gets this now.

Being drunk isn't an excuse. Nor is being on whatever. He's held to a higher standard because of who he is. And I think the ire of a global community outraged probably caused him to feel some pain, some isolation and some remorse today.

He's an artist. You have to judge that with a grain of creative salt.

Like I said last night, what he makes of this is on him. None of us can really fault him for the decisions he makes from here... provided he keeps his word to improve himself to make a genuine difference.

 I know how hard it is to disappoint my mother. I've tried before to write it off, but there's something deeper that governs the moral compass when it comes to family.

I think the thought of family has caused him to take a look within tonight.

His healing is a work in progress. Let him have his space as this work begins.


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