Friday, September 18, 2009

A few things that need to be said... in the form of SPEW....

Spew, as you learned from me this week, is when I just start blurting and writing thoughts from my mind, expanding on some, leaving some others, but giving you a glimpse into my mind and what is going on....

Again, all praise is due to Eric and Nick for this which I embrace now as I come up with the most amazing of things...

I got the cutest pics from Kyla's mom today.

She's the reason I am who I am. And whoever I am to become.

Angie Goff is an amazing person, and someone who I consider a friend. People hate on her... and I have no idea why. She's worked so hard... and maybe - just maybe - I give her a break because she came to DC at the same time I did from Columbia, SC. Nonetheless, she's talented, gorgeous, but her heart and soul are what make her a masterpiece.

Some of these mean bitches in the DMV need to leave her alone. Get to know her as I have. You'll realize just how amazing she really is.


Yes, I will defend her. If no one else in the media here will, then fine. I will

She's worth it.

Bill Maher is laying the smack down.

Life changes so fast. You will miss some, but when someone says goodbye, the future says hello... that that introduction can make all the difference.

I wish in radio today we had a generation of jocks who just wanted to bring it. Who would do a gig til 2 am in one market only to get up at 8am to drive to a major market just because it was there to be done and because you were good enough to do it.

I don't know what happened to our training ground. Or our 'generation next' in radio. But it's not what it was when a young me or a young kane or a young grooves did what we had to do to get the job done. To grow no matter what.

Somewhere where along the way the next generation got lazy. Or they just began to expect too much...

Someone needs to remind the world what it means to "pay your dues..." God knows I did. And I STILL do.

I'm kinda bummed about some things I can't expand on right now. But I'm happy that the future will bring the best to all involved.

Eating Vegan is hard.

I like chicken and steak.

More so chicken than steak, unless it's from Lebanese Taverna.

Booze gets unattractive people laid. That was from Bill Maher. LOL.

I keep telling myself not to crush on certain people in my life. Then I tell myself not to listen to myself.

I went to the doctor today. I was disappointed in some areas, but understand the underlying reasons to some of my failings, and we've together taken steps to re-define the future.

And it will be amazing.

My doctor doesn't have a computer in her office.

She's older. And, just recently, a TV she doesn't watch too often stopped working because it isn't one of those newer tv's that's compatible with digital broadcast whatever standards.

She doesn't care. She doesn't watch too much anyway. And what she needs she can get from the internet.

But she doesn't own a computer. Twice a week she goes to use her husband's at the office or something I guess. And she finds what she's studying for and learns it.

She's analogue in a digital world.

And there's nothing wrong with that.

See, years ago, in our parent's time or when things on TV were in black and white, doctors didn't have expensive EKG's and what not.

No, they had basic stuff.

And we didn't have ADHD or whatever.

All I know is that she's my trusted advisor and my personal doctor because she breaks it down to the analogue in a digital world.

And to me, that makes her a rebel.

I embrace all rebels. We've all got that something in us that says "this sucks... let's do this..."

Find your inner rebel.

Embrace it.

Let it change you.

Don't care what people think.

Don't care what people want.

Be you.

It's spectacular.

And good luck to one... who isn't jumping without a parachute, but is jumping nonetheless...

... into the great wide open. Under these skies of blue...

Your weekend is here. Live it.

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