Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Boys Like Girls NAILED it...

It looks like Christmas came early for Columbia Records. 

This Boys Like Girls CD, called LOVE DRUNK, is one of the best CD's from beginning to end I've heard to this point. Track by track, song by song, lyric by lyric and line by line, this CD has set the bar for where what I call the 'center' sound of the pop world is right now. 

In fact, Martin Johnson, the lead singer for the band, has his finger on the pulse of where the pop format is at this moment. And, he's not afraid to bare his soul for those who listen. From the CD's first track, Heart Heart Heartbreak to the moving words of the last track, called GO, it's as if these guys have taken every emotion that a relationship can bring and put it on the table for public display. 

It's almost like this CD could be - in it's entirety - the soundtrack to your relationship if it was to be made into a movie. From the pain of a breakup and getting over an ex (LOVE DRUNK) to the sheer magnitude that comes when you realize you've met your someone (TWO IS BETTER THAN ONE featuring Taylor Swift), it tells an amazing story. 

It makes me wonder aloud who it was that served as the muse for Martin's writing. Whomever this person is - brought out nothing but the best in him. And, if it's not a person, well, then we better believe in the creative nature of some angels. 

More than that, the entire CD underscores the fact that pop music has a new wordsmith to reckon with in Martin. This CD is lyrically the strongest I've heard since Justin's FutureSexLoveSounds. If BLG can manage to sell even a fraction of the number that JT did several years ago, then these guys will more than secure their place as the group defining the pop music sound for right now. 

In fact, I'd say that for those who might have wanted to label them as an 'emo' band in the past, well, this CD pretty much takes that idea and shreds it. This entire project feels good, shows some soul and is a complete work, that is, it's something you can put in and listen too from beginning to end if you were to take a road trip from DC down to Florida on 95. A pretty amazing fete to pull off in the age of the song by song download. 

And, they're a band. Sure, there's some slick production on this project, but the thing that makes these artists stand out is that they can show up with a shaker, a few acoustic guitars and a piano and make this magic happen sans technology. 

And that makes them the real deal. 

Get this entire CD. Because this band is so much more than a download here and a download there. You won't be disappointed. 

Sophomore jinx? Not this time. Not this band. After listening to this CD about 2 times straight through, I have a feeling they're just getting warmed up. 

Bravo, guys. This project is a pop masterpiece. Well done. 

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