Tuesday, September 08, 2009

"Being a mother is my ultimate calling..."

Shakira was amazing today. She gave me some insights into where she is as a woman today which really resonated to me today and gave me real insights into the mind of a uber-successful international superstar... and one of the strongest women I've ever met...

I asked her today in segment four of our chat if she thought that being a mom was to be her legacy.

What she had to say was so incredible... 

"It's my ultimate calling I think. I think that every woman is a mother even if we never get to have children... we are mothers..."
We are all designed to protect and nourish and nurture others... and some of us will get to have children and some of us will not... but it doesn't change our nature. We are mothers. We are designed to protect... and give... and love..."
Hear the whole talk... here. 

I think that's why she's devoted herself to giving back as much as she has. I don't know if you realize what she's done through her foundation in Colombia to make life just a little bit better for kids who just need a chance. She started this foundation at 18.

At 18 I didn't know if I wanted to graduate from high school. Or go to college. 

And that was the beginning. She wants to be a mom - but she doesn't want to do it in the traditional way - yet she's been with her boyfriend and partner in life for NINE years. She loves her family - extended and otherwise. She works so hard... and, well, all in all today she made me a fan. 

And through it all - she gives back... 

Shakira, if you want me to come give a week of my life to make a difference in Colombia with your foundation and at one of these schools, let me know and I'll put in my vacation request form. I'll be there.

What an inspiration. Our talk today spoke to me.

And, her hips don't lie either.

It's amazing what life lets us experience.

Not a day goes by that I realize how blessed mine is.

Thank you, Shakira for letting me experience some of your grace today. You made an impact today... and I hope I can make a difference in a small way much like you have made in the lives of so many...


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