Monday, August 17, 2009

Yo... Daddio... ask Ricitelli if this is the real deal or no...

If it is, what do you think??? Comment away...

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  1. Just gonna repeat what I tweeted, since I'm too lazy to re-type...LoL!

    I'm not sure if it'll make the final album cut but it's def BSB I'd know those voices anywhere...we'll see on Oct 6...unreleased stuff is huge w/ BSB & their fans, I have well over 60 tracks in my playlist that never saw a record.

    I love this track....It's BSB at their best...and no I don't see it damaging marketing at all. In fact, the opposite could prove true in the end...I can only see it being harmful if leaking and pirating happens AFTER October 6.

    But then, I'm only one fan with one opinion....interested to know what you think...