Tuesday, August 18, 2009

the toby knapp music meeting in my mind...

I said to Gil, our Music Director, the other day that there's so much great new music coming that it's making me crazy.

That's true. I'm already crazy, but it's making me crazier. We've got so much great stuff coming from all genres of music that if you're a fan of music like I am you're going to go insane...

... or they'll say - like some used to say to me - that you're an idiot for finding something in the words and lyrics of others... that speaks to you.

Anyway, here's the music meeting I'm having in my head tonight for a station that doesn't exist. Not all of these songs can - or should - play on pop radio just yet. Rather, these are songs which are on my Genius playlist for my MacPad that hasn't arrived yet from Apple...

1) Backstreet Boys/Straight Thru My Heart. I'm not going to get into a bunch of detail as to why I support these guys. They are - to me - the Snoop Dogg of pop. They've got it. They get it. They can sing it - with and without instruments and whatever behind them. They're more organic now than they've ever been and this song is the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what they've got to offer on their new CD. I hope the label doesn't miss on some hits by listening to so-called hitpredictors like they did last time. Helpless When She Smiles, which would have been a number one song had they not fumbled and come with a more formula-type song first off the last CD, should be recorded by Rascal Flatts and turned into a number one country song. That's just me. Anyway, RedONE produced this new single for the Boys, and it works. It's upbeat. It's fun. They'll have a great video for it, and I pray pop-radio in the states will be receptive. I already know it will be a global hit.... I hope they can again capture at home what they deservedly have - to me and millions of others - have already earned. We shouldn't even be arguing this IMHO. But, then again, I'm a fan. And I think NeverGone was one of the best projects from beginning to end I've ever heard. So I'm biased. And I don't have a crush on Nick Carter.

I give this song an A. It has what it takes. Give it a chance. Don't be scared. We did -after all - embrace the New Kids this time last year, didn't we?

2) We the Kings/Heaven Can Wait. Oh. My. God. Baby. Jesus. We're waaaaaaaaaaaay past checking yes for Juliet on this one. Produced by the aural surgeons behind Cobra Starship and Boys Like Girls, this song SCREAMS SMASH from the first minute and one half. It's a HIT. HIT HIT HIT HIT HIT. Hit. Did I say HIT? If "Check Yes" put this band from King High School in Bradenton, Florida, on the map, then this song will catapult them into the stratosphere. The timing is perfect. They need to get it in now after Cobra and BLG and before the next BLG song with Taylor Swift which is EFFING EPIC, but I digress. We The Kings hit the ball waaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyy outtada park on this one. You'll hear it here in the morning as they made me sit on my hands with my illegal mp3 leak. But I'm pumped. More than being pumped, I'm proud of these guys because they're on an Indie label - SCURVE - and they're delivering sooooo huge. Trust me. We The Kings have struck powerpop gold with this song. You'll see... and hear... in the next 24 hours. Trust me.

I give this song an A+... because they EFFING NAILED it. NAILED it. Going... going.... GONE!

3) Owl City/Fireflies. I can't get this song out of my head. In fact, it's playing right now as I write this to you 10 people who are reading. This dude went to his room one night, bored, and just started making this music. Isn't that where all great pop comes from? Lyrically, it's feel good... but let's examine what he's finding from these fireflies... OR NOT. In fact, why overthink it? Who wouldn't like to make themselves believe that "planet earth turns slowly..." and God know that everything is NEVER as it seems... and therein lies the mystery of this song's infectiousness. See, UniRepub has gone back to the Anberlin well -- that is --- they've gone to the Godrock world to find a song which has a bit of an inspirational message... and in a world that's full of insecurity, uncertainty and doubt, this song speaks volumes to those who have the ears to hear. In fact, here's something else for those who can 'hear' -- This guy embodies the soul of Michael W. Smith on his i 2 (eye) project from back in the day. Take that in your inspirational pipe and get out of the way, because Owl City is about to smoke the world with this song. It's a hit. It will break on the ModRock side first and then pop will contend. Like we did with White Town/Your Woman and 1 republic.

This song is an A+. Because I won't mess with a higher power and it's that good. Listen to it.

4) Blake Lewis/Sad Song. Again, like with BSB, I've already called his new cd a "Rembrandt". And it is. For electonic pop fans, this project is LOADED with smash after smash after smash. I hope that what I believe will happen comes true -- that it will break out of the clubs in NYC and LA and MIA. That we'll see this first single climb to the top of the dance charts so that we will in turn get to the OMG stuff that he's got sprinkled all over his new CD. I mean, I got to hear it the other day and I'll be damned if he didn't deliver a CD that works for Pop radio because there's nothing in what my old boss would have coded as a pure 4 out there anymore. Gaga is down the middle. Blake is electronic dance meets house and he's not sorry for it. In fact, that's exactly why it's so exciting. Download his first song, and buckle up... because this man is coming to make you move... and he's re-composing what you ever thought you knew about a beat - in the process. His new CD is best listened too loudly, with Dr. Dre's Beats Headphones. No, that's not a plug... I just don't want you to miss anything. This guy's got BT whispering in his ear... and you can't ignore that. Period. That would be like Floyd ignoring whatever told them to write "shine on you crazy diamond..."

His new single gets a A. But the entire CD is a masterpiece. Wait til you hear it. WOW....

5) Creed/Overcome - Oh. My. God. Baby. Jesus. No, really. They're back. Hauntingly powerful lyrics. A MASSIVE Mark Tremonti guitar solo. A band that is completely in sync and is playing like - and sounds like - they're on a mission... to reclaim the post of greatest American rock band. Period. Or to deport Nickelback back to Canada. I think Daughtry and Nickelback just got a case of the chapped ass, because this song shreds with a vengance, while maintaining that 'we-know-how-to-write-a-kick-ass-rock-hit' sensibility which has been missing and noticeably absent lately... a part of rock radio's demise since, well, Scott's demons caused some, well, well documented issues. No matter, because Scott is back and Creed's musical 'calling card' can be found in this song. You doubt me? Listen to it. It's on iTunes next week. It SCREAMS at the world... "we're back... now let's get back to the business of American rock-and-roll..." and it's never sounded better!

I give this an A, because I know the next single will make our jaws drop... and it will get an A+++++++ recommended buyer ebay rating from me.

I'm pumped. There's some great music coming. It's gonna be an awesome fall for music fans and geeks like me... Let's strap in!

Thanks for reading...


  1. Hey, here I am again, now as a BSB fan since the beginning.
    First of all, thanks for all the kind words and support for the boys. I'm so not imparcial to talk about them and their albuns and so, but I agree with u, Never Gone is a great album, I really can't say that there is a single track that I don't like or that I skip, not at all.
    I just can't wait for This is Us album, it's the first one I can say I'm counting down the days (47 days, 23 hours, 33 minutes), They keep us uptaded and make us feel importante, make us feel like we're being part of it all, u know.
    That's why we've being Keeping The Backstreet Pride Alive for 16 years now and counting =)

  2. Anonymous8:28 PM

    You make me so excited for Blake's new album, you have no idea.

    Haha :D