Friday, August 28, 2009

Thoughts and musings inspired by one DJ AM this evening in the shadow of a monument...

Life is too short.

Really. It is. Life is too short for dogma. For worrying about acceptance. For worrying about the masses. For worrying about what might have been and for what could be. 

Life is too short so live in the moment.

This moment.

A moment called today. Followed by a moment called tomorrow. With a moment called the day after that which comes to follow.

Life is lived moment by moment.

Sometimes, life tries to take those moments from you. And then, as if life suffers from some sort of attention deficit disorder, life gives you those moments back.

When it does, it’s on you to seize them.

To grab them.

To radically change a direction. To chance that which you never thought possible. To embrace that which you never knew you could embrace.

Life is too short. 

You get one shot at it. And in it you get the chance for reinvention. For re-creation. To begin again, and again. And again.

And again if you’re so afforded. If you’re so lucky. So blessed.

So live in the moment. Seize your now.

Embrace today. If you slip - there’s always a tomorrow.

A new sunrise.

Followed by a new sunset.

Each powered by moments.

Some which come repeatedly.

Some which may never come again.

But be careful. Moments are a gift. A present from the keeper of all time who has been at this since the beginning of time who chooses who He wants to embrace - or re-embrace - with a moment knowing that this, the moment, as is every moment in this life, is a gift.

A present.

And if we’re like the wide-eyed child on Christmas morning, we’ll recognize a moment when it presents itself lest we lose it...

... because moments don’t necessarially have to come again.

When a moment presents itself, seize it. Hold it dear to your heart. With abandon. Don’t let anyone steal it or redefine it. Because it’s YOUR moment. A gift from the timeless to you so that you may use it in this time to make some sort of difference.

Even if it's a difference known only to you and the author of time.

And if life should afford you a second moment, grab it and hold it fast...

... because it’s in those moments that greatness takes hold.

And never. Ever. Let anything get in your way of finding that greatness.

For DJ AM and those who can understand... may the shadow of this day embrace this day while the sun sets on one...

... but remember the lessons in the sunrise.

From Washington, DC...


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