Wednesday, August 05, 2009

they spend $1.4 million a day to scare you...

It's pretty amazing what is happening with this health care 'debate.'

Let's be frank. American people have a right to health care. They have a right to health insurance. Basic fundamental care is a right. Like education. Like the right to liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

And there's a few people with a bunch of money who want to scare the shit out of you so that you oppose these rights you deserve to have because you're an American.

A right that people in the UK have. That people in Canada have. That people in France have.

That people in Cuba have.

Last night, MSNBC reported that the anti-health care/reform lobby spends close to $1.4 million dollars a DAY to scare We, the People about the idea of Health Care reform. TO SCARE us out of believing that we have a human right to care.

$1.4 million. A day. In a recession. To scare us.

The GOP is even launching attacks on town hall meetings - busing in people from miles away and in some cases - even states away - to protest against the idea of health reform and health care for all people.

Yeah, from what I recall, that's what they do. They also hope it looks 'real' so it goes 'viral' and becomes a story.

The former party of Reagan once spoke of a great Silent Majority... that same majority that seems to have become fed up with their former party so much so that they banished them into a political Siberia during the last election.

That silent majority knows better than to believe the ramblings of the Brooks Brothers Brigade - who are being paid some of this $1.4 million a day - to cause a ruckus. It's amazing, really. The former party of Reagan and Lincoln now have to resort to lies and smoke and mirrors to fight to find relevance.

Reagan and Lincoln must be rolling over in their graves -- again.

We, the people have a right to health care. We can spend BILLIONS on cash for clunkers -- but why can't we spend BILLIONS on doing what we, the people, can't do as well for ourselves: protecting us - we - the people - from the onslaught of a few powerful moneybaggers who want to keep us sick and to keep us enslaved to a new master... That's right. Slaves. Indentured Servants.

We're slaves to the insurance companies. We're slaves to the medical industry.

We're modern day slaves to the insurance companies who have - during a recession - made $400 million in profits over the last few years.

We're slaves to the people who want to scare us into recognizing that we have rights. That we have the right to health care. We're slaves to people who want to "make this Obama's Waterloo..."

We're slaves to the very people who stole an election. Who scared a nation into a pointless war. Who want to scare we - the people - into putting back on some shackles...

... who want to scare us back into the boats that took millions from Africa and brought them to a foreign land to do nothing but - well - whatever the masters want us to do.

Who want to scare us back onto a plantation.

These insurance company CEO millionaires -- might as well be the owners of the ships that sent slaves from Africa to America a lifetime ago.

It's time for a modern day medical emancipation proclamation.

We the people have a right to health care. To insurance and medical reform. And that we expect our elected officials - the people who claim to do OUR work yet who take hundreds and thousands - and in some cases, millions - of dollars from the insurance and medical industries to actually do the work we, the people, send them to DC to do.

It's time for We, the People - specifically those who are in college now who are about to fall off of daddy's insurance plan who can't afford their own just yet - and who work for an employer who doesn't offer insurance to them - to raise the eff up.

This health care and insurance reform stuff - these so called opponents - are mofos full of BS who need to STFU.

Let's shake off these chains they'd have us wear because it makes THEM money, people. I don't know about you, but I'm nobody's slave...

... and I'm endowed by my creator with certain unalienable rights. And healthcare is part of my right to a pursuit of happiness.

Don't believe the bullshit from the health care lobbyists. The medical lobbyists. It's some great rhetoric from $1.4 million dollars a day that they have to spend on... well... that which we could probably spend better ourselves on the things we need.

Let's go get Helen Thomas her 'birthday wish...'

Sorry I got so political. The fact that people are losing their health care every day while these people spend money to scare us pisses me off. I think to myself "what if something happened to Kyla and a Urgent Care or Hospital turned her away..." and it makes me sick to my stomach.

We, the people of the nation that is the bastion of liberty to the world - deserve better.

But maybe that's just me.


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