Saturday, August 22, 2009

Podcasting our filth worldwide...

So, ever want to sleep with a REAL WORLD cast member? They're in our city... and they're practicing the art of procreation while having their lives taped... and you could be next!

Listen and learn how to do so... here! Shouts to the REALWORLDDCNEWZ and LOVEELIZABETHANY blogs... they stalk, I report... you decide!

This dude obviously knows a bunch about me, doesn't like me very much, and has been posting stuff about me on the web and now he's calling me. I think he's the dude who hacked the blog header... btw I need to fix that so if you want to donate one or make one while we're trying to decide on a final one, feel free to make one and send it my way!

Okay... back to the grind. More later.

Whole Foods Salad Bar for lunch? Maybe? Thoughts? Comment away...

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