Saturday, August 22, 2009

An overcast Saturday on the sixth floor of a pink building next to a hotel overlooking suburban DC...

Pic of Kyla when she must have been what, two? I can't remember!
Time flies and the moments run together...

Good Morning.

One of the coolest things about the re-configured studio I work in most days is that they shifted the layout of our control surfaces, giving us a window view which used to be behind us. It's pretty quiet this morning and it provides good 'ponder-fodder' on quiet days like today... with Jay Sean's "Down" in background.

It's the first Saturday in quite some time - like since last November - that the munchkin hasn't occupied a cubical, grabbed a tv remote, printed a bunch of coloring book pages and played while dad comes in here to do a job which some might consider play.

It's a cool view. I just posted a pic via snap2twitter. You can check it out over on the right.

So, I've got a few things to do today. I'll be back in tomorrow to handle taking care of Monday and Tuesday stuff that needs to be done since I'll be out of pocket for Ky's first day of Kindergarten on Tuesday. I'll actually be in here Monday AM to take care of a few last minute things and to record some stuff for our Creative Services Group... then off to Southwest for the quick flight to the TPA. It will be good to be there to see some family, some friends but most importantly to be there as Kyla does the Kindergarten thing.

Funny how fast time flies. Five years ago last March, we were bringing her home to Harbour Island from Tampa General on Davis Island. Funny how life works. Five years later, she's back in her hometown.

On my last day there, before running off for my South Carolina adventure, a friend and radio brother said during our crossover right before I signed off from FLZ that "Tampa has a way of always pulling you back... and it's home for you now... you'll be back..."

Well, I'm not back, but I'll be visiting a lot more often now over the school year. And I've gotta say it's a pretty satisfying feeling. I've got friends I need to reconnect with. Family I need to reconnect with. And, the funny thing is that I'm sure I'll find some of myself that I've lost since I left there.

Five years. How time flies. I still remember landing there for the first time... my first dinner at there with a guy and his wife who would become much more than a future boss and mentor to me...

... kinda appropriate the current boss there and now, a great friend and trusted advisor, and I along with a close brother - will have dinner at the same place Monday night.

The faces and names change. But family is forever.

Enjoy your Saturday. Creed fans, I'll review last night's Nissan Monsoon show here in a bit, plus I've got some other stuff for you guys, and I need to talk to some BSB fans who are depressed about feeling made fun of by radio stations... I'll address this all today. Just come back often and refresh even more often.

Be blessed. Find the beauty in gray.

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  1. G'afternoon Toby,

    I really loved your post today, now I have tears in my eyes... It's always a bless to be around people u love and that u know that love u too, without asking anything back... Hope u have a great weekend, a safety flight and a blessed time "back home". =)