Monday, August 03, 2009

Jon, Kate, 8, and a million reasons why it's not even reality anymore...

Jon and Kate: becoming a national disgrace, and a giant global FAIL.


Yeah I said it. FAIL YOU JON AND KATE!

Neil Postman wrote a book called "Amusing ourselves to death". In the book, he argues that we're becoming captivated by people who are known for... well... being well known rather than having actually accomplished anything of substance.

Enter Jon and Kate.

Famous parents for having 8 kids and doing it on TV. Now, they've got a failed marriage, they're acting a fool and - well - they still have 8 kids but you'd never know it because they're never actually with them.

In other words: style over substance. People are becoming famous for being... famous.

Fleeting reality. Failing a family. That's Jon and Kate now. At least to me.

TLC says that now that their marriage is on the skids, that the show will focus on the plights and perils of single parenting. The strengths and struggles. Raising EIGHT kids on your own... under the glare of the TV lights in the eyes of millions on TLC.

What "plight" could Jon and Kate possibly have? Really? They get EVERYTHING for FREE. Toys, treehouses, clothes, motorcycles. More clothes. Vacations. Airfare. Kate gets her hair and makeup done every day and has had more plastic surgery to 'look good' than most people I know.

Soon she'll be at the Joan Rivers level. All botoxed to hell. You'll see it in a few seasons on TLC.

And don't get me started on Jon with his hair transplant and his globetrotting with his just-outta-high-school multiple girlfriends and his NYC bachelor-to-be-pad.

With all this time on their hands - and these perils of being globetrotting, condo-in-suburban-DC-buying-single parents, you gotta wonder...

... what about the kids?

Now, I don't know about you, but I'm a single parent. And I don't have an army of housekeepers. I don't have hairstylists and wardrobe people. Kyla and I don't get to go to theme parks for free too many times. Sometimes we do, but that's because we get some free tickets from Kim in promotions or Juan. Our life has its ups and downs. It's not easy, but there's a lot of love and we live our life the best we can and I think we're doing a pretty good job. Why? Because she and I are engaged as daddy and daughter. Just like she is with her mom when she's with her. And our families are amazing. It takes a village, and in our village, Kyla's got an amazing extended family structure that eases the burdens that come when you're a single parent, working in a job that's more of a lifestyle than traditional work, ya know?

And I don't have millions. Nor do I have the glare of the tv spotlight. I do from time to time have the attention of some people on the radio and that's a cool thing. But what I do have is an amazing little girl who deserves the best I can give.

So that's why, as I blog this while sneaking in a load of her laundry and thinking of things I need to get her for lunch this week while preparing to go to work for the day and wondering when I'll find time to get her hair cut and mine as well, I say "cry me a river" to Jon and Kate.

I'm sure tonight will be a whiny, "omg-how-can-we-do-this-single-we-never-wanted-this" fest and that will piss me off. Take away their money and the cameras and you have a dysfunctional family that is huge and a marriage that failed for whatever reasons. The bottom line here is the kids. Raise them. Love them. Do the best you can for them. But actually DO some stuff for them.

Unlike what happens on the show now... it's more about daddy running all over with girls and Mommy bitching about daddy doing whatever while she gets more surgery and tummy tucks.

Where are the kids? Oh probably being raised by TV cameramen and security detail.


Jon - get your head out of your ass and be a dad. Kate - stop being a total b*****, lay off the plastic surgery and try to be a mom.

Millions of people do. Together in traditional relationships or together as co-parents. They do it every day with less than 1 percent of what you take for granted. They don't get free cars. They don't get free homes. They don't globetrot, they go to grocery stores so their families can eat and they work so their kids can be fed. They put themselves last so that their families can be first.

Who's first in your lives, Jon and Kate?

It's obvious to me that it's not the eight that should be. But that's just me. And I guess we'll all see tonight on TLC.

Kyla and I will be watching Shark Week on Discovery instead... at least that's reality tv that is... well...


Have a blessed day, friends. I'll blog again later. Some of the BSB fans want me to start a Ustream channel or something so I'm gonna investigate that. In the meantime, watch some videos over on my video bar, or feel free to scour around my sites at the station... there's always some great stuff I find and post there.

Oh, and one more thing - Radio is alive, kicking and on fire. ;-)


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