Wednesday, August 19, 2009

here's what happens when we stop broadcasting live and start podcasting... REAL... about the RWDC... with Elizabethany...

Here's Elizabethany... she interns for us at the station and she's stalking the Real World cast here in DC while blogging her exploits over on her blog which you should check out!

I pick on her, but I'm proud of her because this is her passion... and she's living live with passion while she shows us a pretty interesting side of thangs...

Her blog is here.

The WaPo story with her exploits from the over the weekend is here!

Anyway, there's a bunch of stuff you should know about the "reality" of this 'reality show' and that's what we're gonna get to here... with my very own Stalking the Real World DC Podcast!

Whatcha think? Take a listen to episode one and refresh often for updates!

Here's the link to the podcast! Enjoy!

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