Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Good morning...

Kyla at the top of the Washington Monument looking down at the White House...

The world is a small place.

Really, it is. The fact that I'm writing this and that there are people in Brazil, Japan, South Korea, Germany in addition to the United States who are reading this just makes my head spin. It's nuts to be able to click on the analytics for this site and see that at 10:47 someone in the Carolinas spent 10 minutes reading things here, oh and that their ISP is Road Runner is just as trippy as knowing that someone in Dubai spent a few minutes this morning at 4:45 am reading the things I just spew here.

So, world, from suburban DC, good morning.

The world is fascinating to me.

A few weeks ago we had the gang from an MTV show that is in development in to hang with us. It's called "the Buried Life" and they asked me what I wanted to do before I left this sphere we call home. I said "see more of the world than I have".

Because there's more to the world than the East Coast, LA, Florida and Texas.

I've been out of the country before, but mostly to Western Hemisphere destinations - like the USVI, the Bahamas and Jamaica. But what I really want to do is go across the pond as it were - and spend time in the UK. I want to see Dubai personally. I want to visit Japan and embrace cultures which are totally different to me. I don't know why, it's just that there's so much to experience in life, I guess. And, I really believe that experiences are the best teacher you can have.

So where are you from? Why should I go to where YOU are? What makes Brazil so amazing? Venezuela? Japan? South Korea? Hit me with a comment or better yet, email me some pics from where you are. I'll post 'em here and make you famous. Well, as famous as LOL 200 uniques a day can make you...

The email is tobyknapp@gmail.com.

I've gotta go get my fitness on now. One of the "Kyla's-back-with-mom-goals" I always make for myself but that I need to keep this time. More on that on a later post. I finally got back on a normal sleep schedule. Life changes are, well, fun. They're even more fun when you should be used to them but you aren't.

Have an amazing day, today, friends. Get what you want and do it your way. And don't apologize for it.

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Thanks for visiting. And for reading. I can't believe you find my life all that interesting, but this is the side of me you don't get to get on the air over intros of your favorite songs...


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  1. I totally agree with u, life has more to teach us than our lil small world, but mom always taught me that to get to know another cultures and different countries I should know mine, go to each and every state, beach, city and try to learn new things with people who live there. I know u know Brazil is such a Big country and we have small countries inside this big one, each and every one with different cultures, foods, dances, music, religion, and It's amazing to catch a plane and cross the country and find out that they are Brazilians too, u know. I’ll send u some pics that I have from my country. Nice post, really nice!
    Brazilian kisses =)