Monday, August 31, 2009

Dinner in Canada...

Good evening from 54 floors above Detroit.

I'm at the GM headquarters - in the Renaissance Center overlooking the river and into Canada. I'm here for a morning tour of ONSTAR and briefing on what they're up too and what they've been doing to make the service even better. I'll tell you more about that tomorrow no doubt, but tonight, I wanted to use the time to see a friend who I didn't get to see when she left DC.

So, I asked my friend, Rae, if we could have dinner in Canada.

And so we did. And I snapped a ton of pics via snapwtwitter for my blackberry... an app you MUST get. it's easier than twitpic IMHO... See the pics and more here.

We went to this place called Mazaar. See, for some reason, Windsor, Ontario is like Lebanon, and there are Lebanese Taverna type places on every corner. Bars on one side of the street and Lebanese places on the other. Since my boss got me into eating Lebanese, which is by and large about 1000 percent healthier than eating, well, other stuff, I've become a fan.

Chicken Shwarma with Beef Shwarma.

Dude. We went to Canada. For Lebanese food.

We went to Canada. For Dinner. Canada. Out of the country.


Because we can.

See, I've never been to Canada before and last time I was here I looked over that river and said that if I came back, I was going over to enjoy an international evening. An evening abroad. Out of the country.

And why not?

See, tonight created - at least for me - a moment. A moment with Rae, who is a dear person and friend whom I miss since she left DC, and a moment for me which, well, I think sorta just defines the 'why not' side of me.

I could have had room service. But where is the fun in that? And where's the memory that's made? Or the moment?

So now I can scratch Canada off the countries to visit list. And I got to use my passport card, too!

When moments present themselves... grab them. Because you don't get too many chances at them in this life. So you have to cherish the ones you get... and if you have a chance to make one... you should do it. At least IMHO.

So we went to Canada for Lebanese food. And we were going to go to a different place, but they had closed early. At their recommendation, we went to Mazaar and it was perfect.

Perfect. The perfect company. The perfect conversation. Just exactly as it was supposed to be on a Sunday night...

... in Canada.

Yes. Canada. Just because we could.

Find your moment.


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  1. So, I take it you had a good time??? LOL We were nice, yes??? I'm hoping this means you'll come back....

    Drinks on me if you do....

    Glad you had a good time!

    Carpe Diem my friend....every chance you day...I'll carpe a diem or 2 on your side of the border...