Thursday, August 13, 2009

Casting the first stone...

I've been fourth and long - by my own doing - more times than I can even count in my life anymore.

But it's been in those times when I've found myself.

And it's been in those times when I've found that 'something' in me that is pretty powerful.

It's something that we all have that reveals itself when we realize that we're facing impossible odds. When we've done something we'd do differently. Or when we've been counted out or written off as defeated. Powered by the human spirit, you reach deep inside yourself to pull out one more miracle. To make one more play. To fight back from the impossible to a place where dreams again become a tangible reality. In life, relationships, a career, it always holds true.

And life is the greatest teacher when it comes to experiences which make us who we are as we are always in the act of becoming.

The torment must be unreal. His sins were so public. So horrific to so many. So unforgivable to so many more.

But life itself can't be lived without forgiveness. And Chris Brown is obviously asking us to at least hear him out as he makes his case - not for innocence, but forgiveness.

Realize this guy had it all. A talent compared to Michael Jackson. Gifts which moved so many. An amazing public relationship with a woman who is an international phenomenon of talent and beauty. All this going for him yet he's so young. Still with so much to learn. With so far to go.

In an instant, a wrong decision brought it all down.

In a flash, emotion became rage became an action which he'd no doubt take back if he could.

So here we are. Fourth and Long in the life of Chris Brown.

He's going for it. How will it play out? I have no idea. I admit I'm mixed in my own thoughts about it. But I'm clear on something:

Forgiveness happens. For anyone who truly seeks it. Who has truly changed, it can happen.

And so here's the pass. Chris is calling on the talents which he's got - that only he's got - to make his case. He wants us to at least hear him out.

Now the question is what will we hear when we listen...

... because you know the world will be. Whether they admit it or not.

Let he or she without sin cast the first stone. I'm certainly not that person. I'm not sure too many are.

But I am interested in seeing how this play pans out.

Have a good evening, friends. Thanks to Kaci Battaglia for coming by today to remind me about how important family really is, to Demi Lovato for her great words for Kyla... thank you for that. I'll never forget that you did this for me...

And wait til you hear the Hollywood Undead conversation tomorrow ;-).

Sleep well.


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