Monday, August 31, 2009

DisneyPixar + Marvel + Apple + Steve Jobs = OMFG....

"We're gambling on our vision, and we would rather do that than make "me too" products. Let some other companies do that. For us, it's always the next dream."' - Steve Jobs

Several years ago, in Lake Mary, Florida, I had a chance to have a conversation with a man whom I believe is one of the great entrepreneurs of our time. His counsel and his words - but more importantly - the way he lives his life - taught me so many unspoken lessons about life.

During one of these conversations, we talked about my unabashed passion for Apple.

In particular, Steve Jobs.

See, Jobs is a dynamic activist for his cause. His cause - being a socio-techno-revolutionary - founded a company which changed modern computing. Caused Microsoft to commit intellectual theft to conquer. Returned to revive a company which again rode out to the frontier of where a digital life was going. Introduced a device which changed an entire industry in the iPod.

And maybe just a bit unpronounced, he became an Angel investor in a company which brought the most powerful brand in the world - Disney - to its knees with Pixar.

Steve Jobs is a revolutionary.

In that conversation, I remember saying to this man that Jobs was poised to become the most powerful man in the history of the culture of the planet.


Because he took the most powerful - the most recognizable brand - in the history of the world - by beating them.

Once, he said that Pixar had the chance to be the "next Disney..."

They came with animated characters and stories which became part of the fabric of our global society. His team of animation pirates created characters who spoke to masses. Who moved families to tears and brought them together. He oversaw the creation of things which weaved a new fabric into a industry which saw it's inkwell dry up and heard it's last roar from the mouth of a lion named Simba.

Jobs brought the Mouse House to its knees. 

Then, Disney did the only thing it could do.

They bought Pixar.

But Jobs was no dummy. He's the largest shareholder in the company that just took a look out to the frontier and saw the great potential in the arsenal of Marvel Comics - and bought them. Now, Spidey stands along Buzz, the Hulk, Lightning McQueen and Mickey Mouse as brothers in the Mouse House.

Colin Powell once said that to win any war you have to use overwhelming firepower.

Disney - has overwhelming firepower.

But Disney is also a company.

A company which controls the popular culture of the world.

And sitting at the head of that table is one man. The largest shareholder in the company.

The man who is in charge of Apple.

The man who now can singularly direct where global pop culture is going.

Bill Gates who?

Buckle up. Life just got fun again.

Go, Steve, GO!

OnStar... behind the scenes at their headquarters...

When you press the blue button in your GM vehicle - here's where your call goes. 

This is OnStar's command center in Detroit. Now,  this is one of several centers around the US and Canada which take your calls when you press the OnStar button if your GM ride has it. 
Here they monitor everything - fires in California, Hurricanes and potential hurricanes in the tropics and if you look close at the map you can see how many OnStar button activations - at this point thousands and thousands - have happened in a day. 

Now, going into the 'fishbowl' wasn't something that generally was allowed, and rightly so. This is where they monitor the happenings on a macro level. On a micro level, I was allowed to go into the command center's call center where I could see in real time emergency calls coming in, requests for turn by turn navigation coming in and even a call from a good Samaritan in Texas. It's amazing. 

What's even more mind blowing is that if you have OnStar, and some car hits you, or if you hit some car, they can even tell the authorities how fast the other vehicle was going at impact that hit you. If your car gets stolen, they can slow the vehicle down, flashing the lights and laying on the horn making a getaway impossible. We're way past unlocking the doors now. 
In fact, they can even pull up the satellite imagery on an incident and tell authorities which tree your car is near if - God forbid - you were to ever ride off road. 

This is the 'patent' wall - showing off more than the 100 patents they've got as part of the development of what is today's OnStar. 
It's impressive. No matter where you go, in your GM vehicle, in the US and in Canada - there's someone there. The center is staffed 24/7/365 and, looking at the map on the wall showing the 'button presses' or people who have pressed the button, you could see - at 9 am while I was there - the country literally waking up. You could see people calling for directions in Newark, NJ to people calling about accidents in California. 
With OnStar, you don't need navigation. They can download turn-by-turn directions to you if you need 'em. If you have navigation, well, that just makes the service that more powerful. 
You don't even need a cell in your car. Not when you can press the call button, tell OnStar to "DIAL" and let OnStar do the rest. 

It's pretty impressive when you come up with something which does so much for people. And where they're going is equally as impressive as where they've been. 
While in Detroit, they brought me into the loop on some of their future plans for OnStar and I've got to tell you that while things look amazing for this independent company which stands on its own alongside GM, as a teammate when it comes to making sure its subscribers are never alone on the nation's roads. 
This is the OnStar sound studio which was designed with help and guidance from XM which they allow radio personalities to use. It's state of the art, packed with stuff that would make people in the nation's biggest markets envious. 
At any rate, I just wanted to share some behind the scenes stuff with you so you know that when you hear me talk about OnStar on the air that they really are one of the best services I've ever seen... and one of the most powerful resources you could ever want to have on your side when you're behind the wheel. 
Thank you Rosemary for your hospitality... my best to you and your family and I can't wait to see you again soon! 


From twitter:

From: @Libradoll
Sent: Aug 31, 2009 1:42p

Disney to Acquire Marvel for $4 Billion" - (via @mashable) I keep tellin ya'll Disney will rule the world one day.

sent via Twitterrific

No... Not the world... But popular culture - yes. And Disney's largest shareholder is.... Who again?

Oh yeah. Steve Jobs.

Not sure about you but me thinks its not a good thing for microsoft because iDisney/Apple is on fire.

toby knapp
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Apple's up to something!!!


New iPods Expected as Apple Confirms Media Event   (NewsFactor)

Wonder what's coming???? Any ideas?

Live from the airport waiting on my plane....


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tk unedited life - kyla sings the jonas brothers

I forgot I shot this video on my blackberry... It's Kyla singing SOS by the Jonas Brothers... who she loves almost as much as Miley...

tk unedited life - the trippy detroit techno tunnel

Check out this tunnel at the Detroit airport... I was like, "is this Ampitheater in Ybor? Is John Santoro going to pop out in a bit with shots for all of us?"


Dinner in Canada...

Good evening from 54 floors above Detroit.

I'm at the GM headquarters - in the Renaissance Center overlooking the river and into Canada. I'm here for a morning tour of ONSTAR and briefing on what they're up too and what they've been doing to make the service even better. I'll tell you more about that tomorrow no doubt, but tonight, I wanted to use the time to see a friend who I didn't get to see when she left DC.

So, I asked my friend, Rae, if we could have dinner in Canada.

And so we did. And I snapped a ton of pics via snapwtwitter for my blackberry... an app you MUST get. it's easier than twitpic IMHO... See the pics and more here.

We went to this place called Mazaar. See, for some reason, Windsor, Ontario is like Lebanon, and there are Lebanese Taverna type places on every corner. Bars on one side of the street and Lebanese places on the other. Since my boss got me into eating Lebanese, which is by and large about 1000 percent healthier than eating, well, other stuff, I've become a fan.

Chicken Shwarma with Beef Shwarma.

Dude. We went to Canada. For Lebanese food.

We went to Canada. For Dinner. Canada. Out of the country.


Because we can.

See, I've never been to Canada before and last time I was here I looked over that river and said that if I came back, I was going over to enjoy an international evening. An evening abroad. Out of the country.

And why not?

See, tonight created - at least for me - a moment. A moment with Rae, who is a dear person and friend whom I miss since she left DC, and a moment for me which, well, I think sorta just defines the 'why not' side of me.

I could have had room service. But where is the fun in that? And where's the memory that's made? Or the moment?

So now I can scratch Canada off the countries to visit list. And I got to use my passport card, too!

When moments present themselves... grab them. Because you don't get too many chances at them in this life. So you have to cherish the ones you get... and if you have a chance to make one... you should do it. At least IMHO.

So we went to Canada for Lebanese food. And we were going to go to a different place, but they had closed early. At their recommendation, we went to Mazaar and it was perfect.

Perfect. The perfect company. The perfect conversation. Just exactly as it was supposed to be on a Sunday night...

... in Canada.

Yes. Canada. Just because we could.

Find your moment.


Sunday, August 30, 2009

Flying from DCA...

I love flying from Reagan... And I love when life happens just as its supposed too...

More on that later... Doors closed. Time to fly...

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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Topless Salon?! In DC?!

This is great! I found this on NBC's local site...

I love their site, BTW... Especially the header... so when I saw it say Washington is... laughing about a topless salon, I of course was hooked.

How uncomfortable would that be? I mean think about it, you're a woman, with a $5k set of fakes bolted on, and hair all over you?

Read the story here. I love it. Sign me up for the first week!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Thoughts and musings inspired by one DJ AM this evening in the shadow of a monument...

Life is too short.

Really. It is. Life is too short for dogma. For worrying about acceptance. For worrying about the masses. For worrying about what might have been and for what could be. 

Life is too short so live in the moment.

This moment.

A moment called today. Followed by a moment called tomorrow. With a moment called the day after that which comes to follow.

Life is lived moment by moment.

Sometimes, life tries to take those moments from you. And then, as if life suffers from some sort of attention deficit disorder, life gives you those moments back.

When it does, it’s on you to seize them.

To grab them.

To radically change a direction. To chance that which you never thought possible. To embrace that which you never knew you could embrace.

Life is too short. 

You get one shot at it. And in it you get the chance for reinvention. For re-creation. To begin again, and again. And again.

And again if you’re so afforded. If you’re so lucky. So blessed.

So live in the moment. Seize your now.

Embrace today. If you slip - there’s always a tomorrow.

A new sunrise.

Followed by a new sunset.

Each powered by moments.

Some which come repeatedly.

Some which may never come again.

But be careful. Moments are a gift. A present from the keeper of all time who has been at this since the beginning of time who chooses who He wants to embrace - or re-embrace - with a moment knowing that this, the moment, as is every moment in this life, is a gift.

A present.

And if we’re like the wide-eyed child on Christmas morning, we’ll recognize a moment when it presents itself lest we lose it...

... because moments don’t necessarially have to come again.

When a moment presents itself, seize it. Hold it dear to your heart. With abandon. Don’t let anyone steal it or redefine it. Because it’s YOUR moment. A gift from the timeless to you so that you may use it in this time to make some sort of difference.

Even if it's a difference known only to you and the author of time.

And if life should afford you a second moment, grab it and hold it fast...

... because it’s in those moments that greatness takes hold.

And never. Ever. Let anything get in your way of finding that greatness.

For DJ AM and those who can understand... may the shadow of this day embrace this day while the sun sets on one...

... but remember the lessons in the sunrise.

From Washington, DC...


Jay Z on Kayne West....

Bill Maher (asking Jay his opinion on others in the game): "Kayne West..."

Jay: "Genius..."

Bill Maher: "Genus, but not as good as you..."

Jay: (pauses) "I'm just sayin..."

Jay Z is hip hop's global statesman... the ambassador of a culture. If you get some HBO On Demand, you need to go watch or go check it out at HBO.COM... this is one of the most amazing interviews ever.


What do YOU know about the ROC NATION...


Got Rollout?

You will now if you click here ;)

Good Job, Kidd... We gotta do that SIN night next time I'm in Tampa on a Monday night!

RIP Reading Rainbow??!?!

Reading Rainbow is dead.

I can’t believe this. At all. More to follow tonight after I raise a glass to a show from my childhood…


Way to go LeVar Burton… you had an amazing run. I’m sad that this show is leaving us. I will miss watching it with Kyla…


More to follow tonight. This sucks.




No, you bitches, I will NOT work for you! SI SE PUEDE!

Just got this note from my union...

AFTRA Members:Do Not Work Notice for Non-Equity Production

Actor's Equity Alert: THRILLER LIVE

Producer: Paul Walden & Derek Nicol for Flying Music, Adrian Grant for Key Concerts Members of AFTRA, AEA, AGMA, AGVA, SAG and Guild of Italian American Actors (GIAA) are advised that Actors' Equity Association does NOT have a contract for this production. AFTRA, AEA, AGMA, AGVA, SAG and GIAA members may NOT accept employment in this production without an Equity contract.If you are approached about employment on this show, please contact Flora Stamatiades, AEA National Director, Organizing and Special Projects at 212.XXXXXXX, extension 419, or by email at...

AFTRA, AEA, AGMA, AGVA, SAG and GIAA are all members of the Associated Actors and Artistes of America (4As). Because of this we recognize, respect and support each others’ efforts to organize and negotiate fair and equitable contracts. Article XXXI of the AFTRA Constitution prohibits AFTRA members from accepting employment in non-Equity productions and productions that do not have a valid contract with the relevant 4As union.

So... NO. I will NOT work for you broadway MOFOS. You better man the eff up and share the wealth with our UNION you mofos... WE THE PEOPLE! SI SE PUEDE!



Ingloriously yours,


Good morning, Dallas, Good afternoon, DC...

Howdy (that's me in Dallas mode)...


What an effing awesome effing awesome effing awesome awesome effing awesome effing awesome awesome effing awesome effing awesome awesome effing awesome effing awesome awesome effing awesome effing awesome awesome effing awesome effing awesome awesome effing awesome effing awesome awesome effing awesome effing awesome awesome effing awesome effing awesome awesome effing awesome effing awesome awesome effing awesome effing awesome awesome effing awesome effing awesome awesome effing awesome effing awesome awesome effing awesome effing awesome awesome effing awesome effing awesome awesome effing awesome effing awesome awesome effing awesome effing awesome awesome effing awesome effing awesome awesome effing awesome effing awesome awesome effing awesome effing awesome awesome effing awesome effing awesome awesome effing awesome effing awesome awesome effing awesome effing awesome awesome effing awesome effing awesome awesome effing awesome effing awesome awesome effing awesome effing awesome awesome effing awesome effing awesome awesome effing awesome effing awesome awesome effing awesome effing awesome awesome effing awesome effing awesome awesome effing awesome effing awesome awesome effing awesome effing awesome awesome effing awesome effing awesome awesome effing awesome effing awesome awesome effing awesome effing awesome awesome effing awesome effing awesome awesome effing awesome effing awesome awesome effing awesome effing awesome awesome effing awesome effing awesome awesome effing awesome effing awesome awesome effing awesome effing awesome awesome effing awesome effing awesome awesome effing awesome effing awesome awesome effing awesome effing awesome awesome effing awesome effing awesome awesome effing awesome effing awesome awesome effing awesome effing awesome awesome effing awesome effing awesome awesome effing awesome effing awesome awesome effing awesome effing awesome awesome effing awesome effing awesome awesome effing awesome effing awesome awesome effing awesome effing awesome awesome effing awesome effing awesome awesome effing awesome effing awesome awesome effing awesome effing awesome awesome effing awesome effing awesome awesome effing awesome effing awesome awesome effing awesome effing awesome awesome effing awesome effing awesome awesome effing awesome effing awesome awesome effing awesome effing awesome awesome effing awesome effing awesome awesome effing awesome effing awesome awesome effing awesome effing awesome awesome effing awesome effing awesome awesome effing awesome effing awesome awesome effing awesome effing awesome awesome effing awesome effing awesome awesome effing awesome effing awesome awesome effing awesome effing awesome awesome effing awesome effing awesome awesome effing awesome effing awesome awesome effing awesome effing awesome awesome effing awesome effing awesome awesome effing awesome effing awesome awesome effing awesome effing awesome awesome effing awesome effing awesome awesome effing awesome effing awesome awesome effing awesome effing awesome awesome effing awesome effing awesome awesome effing awesome effing awesome awesome effing awesome effing awesome awesome effing awesome effing awesome awesome effing awesome effing awesome awesome effing awesome effing awesome awesome effing awesome effing awesome awesome effing awesome effing awesome awesome effing awesome effing awesome awesome effing awesome effing awesome awesome effing awesome effing awesome awesome effing awesome effing awesome awesome effing awesome effing awesome awesome effing awesome effing awesome awesome effing awesome effing awesome awesome effing awesome effing awesome awesome effing awesome effing awesome awesome effing awesome effing awesome awesome effing awesome effing awesome awesome effing awesome effing awesome awesome effing awesome effing awesome awesome effing awesome effing awesome awesome effing awesome effing awesome awesome effing awesome effing awesome awesome effing awesome effing awesome awesome effing awesome effing awesome awesome effing awesome effing awesome awesome effing awesome effing awesome awesome effing awesome effing awesome awesome effing awesome effing awesome awesome effing awesome effing awesome awesome effing awesome effing awesome awesome effing awesome effing awesome awesome effing awesome effing awesome awesome effing awesome effing awesome awesome effing awesome effing awesome...

... film - not movie - ever.


Ingloriously yours,


PS - I want to be the Quinten Tarintino of Digital Content delivered via the station's different delivery platforms yadda yadda yadda.

The End.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

... now about these Backstreet Boys...

... and this video...

200th post...



Wow. So... All Time Low hit me up today, gotta get that podcast ready for you guys. And, some weird peeps hit me up on the show today. Podcasticness here... later!

You good? I hope so...

PS - I love Priscilla at KHKS in Dallas. Please email her at and let her know I said 1) I love her and 2) I'm nothing without her.

Stalk her here.

PS... peep this list of the top 10 scandals Miley Cyrus should have avoided!

Traffic time. G2g... Party on in the DMV...


JK+8... and Patrick Stump ARRESTED!

Patrick Stump from FOB got popped! Seems his liscense was suspended! EEEEK! And he's gotta be in England by Friday!

The Gosselins have nothing on Kyla mom and me!!!!!

And we were never married and Dana didn't need fertility drugs!

Wow. Did I just say that??

toby knapp
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AC360 all over Spidey!!!

Lol! Anderson hates superficial stuff.... Esp heidi montag superficial...


toby knapp
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wiht washington dc


From the blackberry, good morning!

Here's some headlines from the twitterverse...

So Megan Fox won't be catwoman...

Britney has crazy ass NYC fans...

Funny shit from the fat kid...

Kate from JK+ocho gots her hurr did... Sexy!

Finally... Global Warming means were gonna get hotter than ever now...

From the blackberry... Good morning!

Now back to working on some overnight issues at the station!
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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

TRUE STORY! Here's this week's Real World DC Podcast!

This week, myself, Real World stalker and former intern Elizbethany are joined by Chris Wiggins, who tweets his ass off about the Real World cast in DC... and we talk about WHAT member of the cast wants to Fry the Steak out of the BETHANY! Plus, they have some favorite bars. Are they getting some cash?

Click here to hear it!

Cobra Starship...

Britney and Wade Robson's cheating.

What makes female groupies unattractive.

What drinks to bring.

How to behave if you want to hang with the band.

This is an inside look at Cobra Starship which you'll probably never hear ever again.

Enjoy! Hear it here!

Go ANDRE go!

Andre Bauer, Lt. Governor of South Carolina, and a Republican whom I like, wants Governor Mark Sanford to resign.


Hey, I'm not going to pile on about Sanford's, er, issues. But it's time for the business of the state to move on, in my opinion.

Read more here. VIVA ANDRE!

Britney! Oh boy!!!

She's in a new mtv vid w/ russell brand... Check this from just jared in the twitnation...

Cobra starship here soon! More to follow and a podcast too!

toby knapp
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Keanu Reeves...

Nice beard, Neyo...


toby knapp
apd :: afternoons
wiht washington dc

George Lopez playing...

... Fireman!

Its fun to photostalk...

toby knapp
apd :: afternoons
wiht washington dc

Look! A wrecked Lamborgini!

From Arlington... Sux to be this car!!!

Oh yeah and to be the cars owner, too!

toby knapp
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wiht washington dc

I need to sleep in...

Good AM from the blackberry...

I'm still in shock about Teddy Kennedy...

From the twitnation:

Lookie here! A plus size model is posing nude! You gooooo gurrrrllll!!!

And Jon Gosselin doesn't wanna film JK+8 anymore... Probably because he looks pretty douchey these days... I smell vinegar!!!

More morsels of goodness and shiz to follow...

toby knapp
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Winter in Camelot...

Senator Ted Kennedy, the brother of the President and Attorney General from my parents' generation - has been called home.

He was the voice of so many who were voiceless. The tireless champion of the classless... the man who believed - and made others believe that those who couldn't -- could -- has passed into the anals of History.

For so many things he's done. For so many things he 'might' have done. For so many things he had left to do -- this lion has roared for the last time.

To Heaven has gone a man who believed that the idea of America was one which said that "unto the least of these you do unto me..."

That's why he was a champion for healthcare.

But that was the tip of a political iceberg which was an American life.

To Heaven has gone a man who - by the chance of History - became the standard of an American Ideal which generations will forever refer too as Camelot.

Tonight, a power much Higher than you and I says "well done my good and faithful servant..."

Senator Kennedy -- thank you.

Rest well noble lion. Rest well.

Radio Cowboys...

“There’s a romantic image in most minds of what the cowboy was. For most it’s this idea that you could own a wide open space -- where you could just go and ride forever.”

Last night, over a glass of wine, I had a talk with a brother and colleague about being what I will from now on refer to as ‘being a radio cowboy.’

See, once upon a time, in a far more innocent, and lawless place, these cowboys were people who used primitive tools to drive industry. They were the lords of the untamed land. The purveyors of a time when a gun, a horse, a rope and cattle were the ones who could command the respect, the romance, the economic reality of a different time.

A place that was too tough for some to tame, but that everyone wanted to conquer.

Time went by. Technology changed. New economic realities were realized. Yet all in all, these rough riders of a different time evolved. And while the methods changed and the ideologies matured, these cowboys remained true to their core. Driven by their honor and their instincts, they became masters of their past, masters of their present and the people who - in spite of change - remained the masters of destiny...

And the idea of what they were became the stuff of legend.

Times changed. Some cowboys became oilmen. Some cowboys stayed on their ranches and even others went into the employ of carpetbagging ranch owners, lending their skills to much richer people who provided a degree of financial stability as times changed and as some even went so far as to write the 'cowboy' off into the anals of history - remembered as relics of a time gone by.

But through it all - they remained - cowboys. 

From Wikipedia:

The word "cowboy" is also used in a negative sense. Originally this derived from the behavior of some cowboys in the boomtowns of Kansas, at the end of the trail for long cattle drives, where cowboys developed a reputation for violence and wild behavior due to the inevitable impact of large numbers of cowboys, mostly young single men, receiving their pay in large lump sums upon arriving in communities with many drinking and gambling establishments.

"Cowboy" as an adjective for "reckless" developed in the 1920s. "Cowboy" is sometimes used today in a derogatory sense to describe someone who is reckless or ignores potential risks, irresponsible or who heedlessly handles a sensitive or dangerous task...
Seems to me they worked hard. Worked until the job was done. No matter how long that took. No matter what odds or obstacles they were presented with. And when they were done, they played a bit. I'm not condoning it. Nor am I saying it's right. Actually, I'm just saying...

Read into it what you will.

How does this relate to an invention by a man named Marconi who came along long after the cattle drives of the past had faded into a memory?

Because today, there are still cowboys. In the romantic sense of the word. There are still cowboys... in all industries. In some parts of the world they call them entrepreneurs. In others, they call them venture capitalists. In any industry, you'll find them. From Wall Street to Wal-Mart. Even at Target. And, yes, at McDonalds.

We've even got them today... in radio.

They’re the ones who remain true to the romance of an idea that what we once did was just as important as what we can do and what we will do tomorrow.

They’re the ones who take inspiration from where we’ve been as they re-define where we’re going.

They’re the ones who say that the times may change and the methods may mature, but we’re going to continue to ride out to the frontier of where we’re going, armed with the knowledge we’ve mastered from where we’ve been and say, “we’re going to master this land we’re riding off into and we’re going to do what we have to do to continue to be the masters of our own destinies....”

They’re the ones who have looked off into the sunset, armed with the simple tools -- and weapons -- that have carried them through the past into the present and which will ride out to the frontier of media to tame whatever it is which is to come. 

I don’t know about you, but to be called a 'cowboy' seems like an honor. At least when you look at it through the eyes of history.

And if this is to be our country club, then history seems to be on our side.

Saddle up. We’ve got a trail to blaze.

See you on the frontier... broadcasting live.



sometimes you have to find inspiration. sometimes you find it in your past...

This is a re-post from years ago.

If you ever want a good read... check out the posts on this blog from 2005. Crazy stuff.

Here's one that made me think....

Read here.

You who are reading inspire me...


Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Message for Daddio and Melissa...

Here's Kyla sending some video love to some friends... this one is for Joe and Melissa...

for you... from kyla...

Here's something quick... from Kyla!

More to come...

Southwest flight 904...

... waiting on it to arrive looking back at the day. It's pretty amazing. Got so many things to post for you... I went to the old 'hood and snapped a bunch of pics of the places I lived while I was in this city. And of course, there's the Kyla stuff...

... she shot some video to say hey to some friends, to some grownup friends and more. I'll try to edit it up and post it for you later on.

Life is funny. Just when you think you have it figured out you realize that - through no fault of your own - things happen. All you can do is, to paraphrase the song, is "move along..."

More later. Everything is great... can't wait to share the adventures of the last 24 hours with you...

Time to fly...

PS - the people of Southwest Airlines are just as amazing as they've always been. Ditto the customer service professionals at TMOBILE... I got Kyla her phone today... LOL.

She's five. It's a prepaid one. LOL.

No boys allowed to call period, aside from uncles, grandfathers and me ;)


here's a few pics...

dont have much charge left... so more to follow... in the meantime... enjoy!

Kyla's Kindergarten...

She looked SOOOO cute this morning...

More to follow. Not a whole lot of time on the ground today in Tampa to take care of some business...


Monday, August 24, 2009

Good evening from where ever you are...

Good evening, friends.

Sorry I didn't blog earlier today with more meaningful stuff. It's been a pretty busy day. I have to tell you I love travel, and I don't feel I get to do enough of it.

Anyway, I'm writing to you from South Tampa at an amazing house where my friend and his fiance are about to begin their new family... and their new adventure together. What a great place this is. It's just... perfect. It's near MacDill Air Force Base... just close enough to hear Reveille in the morning, and taps in the evening. Amazing at how new this is... almost right on the bay. I never got to venture down here while I was here and it's too bad that I didn't because it's pretty awesome.

It never ceases to amaze me how life happens just exactly as it's supposed to. Through the twists and turns our choices and paths take us down in life, it always ends up just exactly as it should.

And so it has happened again.

Flying in today, it was pretty amazing to fly over Harbour Island, my old home here in Tampa. To see the Forum, right across the channel from where I used to live, and to see Davis Island next door, I stopped to think of how crazy it is that time moves so quickly.

It does. It seems like it was just yesterday that I flew to this town for the first time to begin that step in my career here. It seems even more recent that we brought Kyla home from the hospital to Harbour Island.

Now, tomorrow, I'll head out to Riverview to be there for her first day of Kindergarten.

Tommy asked me tonight, "How do you imagine... in your mind, how do you see tomorrow happening..."

I told him I didn't know.

I don't.

I assume it will be interesting for her. New adventures always are. But I know my munchkin well enough to know that she'll see it as a new adventure, with new friends, and new challenges and new things to overcome.

And I know she'll do fine. Because she - just like me - loves to take on new adventures.

Tomorrow will be a new adventure for me, as well. But it's an adventure I'm ready to take on as our lives together enter a new phase. I paraphrase a song I heard once... "This is a life like no other... this is the great adventure..."

Tomorrow, we'll saddle up and blaze some new trails. I can't wait. But for now, I need to get some much needed rest. As much as I might want to go see Kidd Leow and more over at a place I used to do a gig at which was called Stormans back in the day. Now it's the Forum... LOL. Next time.

Tonight, I'll ask God to give Kyla peace if she's nervous and to keep an eye on her tomorrow as she begins Kindergarten. And I'll ask him to keep an eye on me, too as I travel back home.

And I'll thank Him for giving me an incredible little gift to call my daughter.

Thanks for reading. Goodnight.

Karma is a bitch

So that reality star who had the hot wife whom he killed is dead.

Good riddance. What you did to her was horrific. Have fun in hell...

toby knapp
apd :: afternoons
wiht washington dc

Jon Gosselin hosting pool parties?

From the twitnation...

Looks like jonny boi wants to have even more scantly clad women around him!

But wait! Where are the kids???

Padre of the year I'm just sayin!

toby knapp
apd :: afternoons
wiht washington dc

Morning... From the blackberry...

Busy day today and it all has to be done by noon... When you do what we do sometimes you have to work ahead just to take a break.

This time is no exception.

Going in to lay down some voice work, and taking care of some odds and ends before I head off to TPA to see Ky start kindergarten tomorrow!

Looking forward to a good hang with a few peeps tonight. TPA will be pretty low key for me this trip as its not about me that I'm going...

... Its about the munchkin.

Video and more posted through the day... Pics over on twitterfeed...

Center yourself and make moments happen today, friends.

From the blackberry,


toby knapp
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wiht washington dc

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Podcasting our filth worldwide...

So, ever want to sleep with a REAL WORLD cast member? They're in our city... and they're practicing the art of procreation while having their lives taped... and you could be next!

Listen and learn how to do so... here! Shouts to the REALWORLDDCNEWZ and LOVEELIZABETHANY blogs... they stalk, I report... you decide!

This dude obviously knows a bunch about me, doesn't like me very much, and has been posting stuff about me on the web and now he's calling me. I think he's the dude who hacked the blog header... btw I need to fix that so if you want to donate one or make one while we're trying to decide on a final one, feel free to make one and send it my way!

Okay... back to the grind. More later.

Whole Foods Salad Bar for lunch? Maybe? Thoughts? Comment away...

An overcast Saturday on the sixth floor of a pink building next to a hotel overlooking suburban DC...

Pic of Kyla when she must have been what, two? I can't remember!
Time flies and the moments run together...

Good Morning.

One of the coolest things about the re-configured studio I work in most days is that they shifted the layout of our control surfaces, giving us a window view which used to be behind us. It's pretty quiet this morning and it provides good 'ponder-fodder' on quiet days like today... with Jay Sean's "Down" in background.

It's the first Saturday in quite some time - like since last November - that the munchkin hasn't occupied a cubical, grabbed a tv remote, printed a bunch of coloring book pages and played while dad comes in here to do a job which some might consider play.

It's a cool view. I just posted a pic via snap2twitter. You can check it out over on the right.

So, I've got a few things to do today. I'll be back in tomorrow to handle taking care of Monday and Tuesday stuff that needs to be done since I'll be out of pocket for Ky's first day of Kindergarten on Tuesday. I'll actually be in here Monday AM to take care of a few last minute things and to record some stuff for our Creative Services Group... then off to Southwest for the quick flight to the TPA. It will be good to be there to see some family, some friends but most importantly to be there as Kyla does the Kindergarten thing.

Funny how fast time flies. Five years ago last March, we were bringing her home to Harbour Island from Tampa General on Davis Island. Funny how life works. Five years later, she's back in her hometown.

On my last day there, before running off for my South Carolina adventure, a friend and radio brother said during our crossover right before I signed off from FLZ that "Tampa has a way of always pulling you back... and it's home for you now... you'll be back..."

Well, I'm not back, but I'll be visiting a lot more often now over the school year. And I've gotta say it's a pretty satisfying feeling. I've got friends I need to reconnect with. Family I need to reconnect with. And, the funny thing is that I'm sure I'll find some of myself that I've lost since I left there.

Five years. How time flies. I still remember landing there for the first time... my first dinner at there with a guy and his wife who would become much more than a future boss and mentor to me...

... kinda appropriate the current boss there and now, a great friend and trusted advisor, and I along with a close brother - will have dinner at the same place Monday night.

The faces and names change. But family is forever.

Enjoy your Saturday. Creed fans, I'll review last night's Nissan Monsoon show here in a bit, plus I've got some other stuff for you guys, and I need to talk to some BSB fans who are depressed about feeling made fun of by radio stations... I'll address this all today. Just come back often and refresh even more often.

Be blessed. Find the beauty in gray.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Got rollout???

Oh? You don't? You didn't get some Kidd Leow today?

We can fix that.

Want it? From the show today?

I'm off to Creed in the middle of a thunderstorm.... ;)

Watch this. Then think. No wonder.

Good morning.

We've got big problems. People need health care. Now, we see that this economic wall street TARP bailout, well, had something deeper going on. Crazy.

You see this on Larry King last night?

I don't think it's coincidence. But I do think we need to ask some questions.

And we need to ask more questions about these big companies and special interests who are against people who need healthcare from getting it.

Why is it that it seems it's always ONE political party which is always causing problems? I mean really?

Thursday, August 20, 2009

How to get the BSB's - or any song - in front of radio programmers...

Sending Pics of SouljaBoy from some websites won't work. Trust me.

I generally try not to write about the 'off air side' of what I do on this blog... but you've been hitting me on twitter and you've been emailing and, since I know that fans of any artist can be fanatical, I figured I'd go ahead and give you some tips so that you can make your voice heard to people who make music decisions and who influence these decisions at radio stations around the country.

First and foremost, realize that your opinion DOES matter. We DO pay attention to things like requests and sales, in addition to things like what other stations are doing around the country. I know you get frustrated, but realize that every week at any time there are DOZENS of artists from all sorts of labels vying for a cherished few spots on a playlist at a radio station. And, stations like the one I am on generally have very tight playlists and when space does happen, it's, well, at a premium and the best of the best of the best get the nod. Not the 'best' according to ones passions, but the 'best' according to the needs of the station at that time.

That being said, here's what you can do to make some noise in your city for your favorite artists...

1) Buy the song. Every song you buy is 'recorded' somehow. Digital sales, physical sales. We can see this stuff and trust me - sales in a market = passion for artist.

2) Don't email and bug programmers who are not at your local station, unless you're listening to Hits One on Sirius/XM or Hits One on 20 on the XM platform.

3) DO email - but don't spam - the people, jocks, etc - that you like on radio stations in YOUR city. Don't be afraid to call request lines. You'll get phone ops and interns, but don't be afraid to request your favorite new song so that it pops 'up' on the radar when the Music Director goes and gets request sheets each week.

4) Get involved with websites like and join your favorite radio station's 'music advisor' or 'rate the music' or 'music meeting' panels. Remember, they can see where you're from, so make sure you stick to YOUR station in your city. And, be active about it. Take the surveys, listen to the songs and make your opinions known.

5) Tell friends to do the same. Buy songs. Rate music. Request locally.

6) Do not - I repeat - do NOT spam, or send big ass files with huge mp3's of the song assuming that radio people don't have it. Trust me, they do. And nothing will sabotage your efforts like pissing off a radio programmer. I gotta tell you, the JoBros fans killed themselves early on by spamming programmers.

7) Post on your favorite radio station blogs, jock websites, etc. Be vocal about your support.

8) Say thank you. If you hear a station playing your favorite artist, and you've busted your butt to get it played, it never hurts to say 'thanks' to the jock, music director or programmer... you like it when you get thanked, right?

That about does it. If I think of some more, I'll post it here. But realize that there's so much music out there and so few slots. Don't take it personally. Radio stations have to play the best of the best. Give them a reason - do the legwork and make noise for your artist and they'll get noticed when programmers go into the music meetings at their stations.

If you've got questions or comments, feel free to post 'em. You never know who might be listening and I'll try to answer as many as I can within the realm of what I can tell you.

Good luck guys. Your passion is contagious. Don't let anyone dim your flame...


Memo to the police... don't do this and take pics...

So once upon a time, there were these cops and this waitress named Bambi.

They had a gun.

They had a car.
They took some pictures.
Now these cops are in trouble!
Don't do what these cops did.
Especially if you're a cop.
The end.

GLEE... on FOX...

Some of the cast of Glee - on FOX again 9.9.09@9p - stopped by the studios today... here's the podcast from our hang in the studio earlier!

Click here to see the pilot that got them a label deal, a full season produced and has spawned so many fans it's nuts. I love the show. Maybe that makes me wacky but I love it. Nip/Tuck's writing team are behind it and they're awesome!

PS - memo to radio people who interview them - don't compare them to high school musical. LOL. I didn't but apparantly someone did. LOL. Listen away!

Blogging by Blackberry...

Good Morning!

I can wake up now... Kyla called! She's on a plane to FLA from CT where she spent a few days seeing some family...

The cast of FOX's kick ass new show GLEE are coming by this am... Look for podcast on this later... And more!

Going for a 20 min walk now then off to the office for Thurs am meeting... Might use fitness center at the office today...


Seize the day, friends....


toby knapp
apd :: afternoons
wiht washington dc

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Abraham Lincoln, the first republican, is for the public option...

"The legitimate object of government is to do for a community of people, whatever they need to have done, but cannot do at all, or cannot so well do for themselves, in their separate and individual capacities."

or... there's this one...

The dogmas of the quiet past are inadequate to the stormy present. The occasion is piled high with difficulty and we must rise with the occasion. As our case is new, so we must think anew and act anew. We must disenthrall ourselves, and then we shall save our country.

Who am I to argue with the President? Especially when you apply these to our current health care ills...

FW: Oprah & Whitney Houston :: The Exclusive Interview airs September 14th!

Wanted to share some news from J/RCA from our local, and one of my oldest friends, Jim Payne… If you’re a Whitney fan… you’ll wanna know this stuff…


From: Jim.Payne
Subject: Oprah & Whitney Houston :: The Exclusive Interview airs September 14th!


Subject: Oprah & Whitney Houston :: The Exclusive Interview airs September 14th!


For Immediate Release









[August, 19, 2009 - CHICAGO, IL] Oprah launches her 24th season of “The Oprah Winfrey Show” with what she calls “the most anticipated music interview of the decade," a must-see television event with singing icon Whitney Houston.  This marks Houston’s first interview in nearly seven years and follows the release of her highly touted new album, “I Look To You” on August 31, 2009.  For more information about the album check  or


“The Oprah Winfrey Show: Exclusive: Whitney Houston’s First Interview” airs Monday, September 14, 2009 (check local listings).


Since her 1985 self-titled debut, Whitney Houston has built an illustrious career that has generated over 170 million combined worldwide sales of albums, singles and videos. Cited by the Guinness Book of World Records as music’s “most awarded female artist of all time,” with an unsurpassed tally of  411  awards,  inclusive  of 6 Grammy Awards, 2 Emmy Awards, 23 American Music  Awards  and  16  Billboard  Music Awards. Houston remains a singular force in music today.


"The Oprah Winfrey Show" has remained the number one talk show for 22 consecutive seasons, winning every sweep since its debut in 1986.** It is produced in Chicago by Harpo Productions, Inc. and syndicated to 214 domestic stations by CBS Television Distribution Group and to 143 countries by CBS Paramount International Television.



**Nielsen Cassandra Ran king Report Nov '86 to July '99 and Wrap Sweeps, Nov '99 to July '08. Primary Telecasts Only.




Travis from We The Kings... and me... gushing on this new song... Heaven Can Wait...

Ah these Kings...

... and we gushed some more on this podcast. Hear it here.
Remember, Gush safely. Insist on protection.

here's what happens when we stop broadcasting live and start podcasting... REAL... about the RWDC... with Elizabethany...

Here's Elizabethany... she interns for us at the station and she's stalking the Real World cast here in DC while blogging her exploits over on her blog which you should check out!

I pick on her, but I'm proud of her because this is her passion... and she's living live with passion while she shows us a pretty interesting side of thangs...

Her blog is here.

The WaPo story with her exploits from the over the weekend is here!

Anyway, there's a bunch of stuff you should know about the "reality" of this 'reality show' and that's what we're gonna get to here... with my very own Stalking the Real World DC Podcast!

Whatcha think? Take a listen to episode one and refresh often for updates!

Here's the link to the podcast! Enjoy!

We The Kings... first listen...

... is here!

Podcast of me talking with the guys coming here soon, too! Refresh often and keep your browser pointed here!*

*used without permission... from joel denver LOL

Health Care... the debate is getting insane...

Read more here.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

the toby knapp music meeting in my mind...

I said to Gil, our Music Director, the other day that there's so much great new music coming that it's making me crazy.

That's true. I'm already crazy, but it's making me crazier. We've got so much great stuff coming from all genres of music that if you're a fan of music like I am you're going to go insane...

... or they'll say - like some used to say to me - that you're an idiot for finding something in the words and lyrics of others... that speaks to you.

Anyway, here's the music meeting I'm having in my head tonight for a station that doesn't exist. Not all of these songs can - or should - play on pop radio just yet. Rather, these are songs which are on my Genius playlist for my MacPad that hasn't arrived yet from Apple...

1) Backstreet Boys/Straight Thru My Heart. I'm not going to get into a bunch of detail as to why I support these guys. They are - to me - the Snoop Dogg of pop. They've got it. They get it. They can sing it - with and without instruments and whatever behind them. They're more organic now than they've ever been and this song is the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what they've got to offer on their new CD. I hope the label doesn't miss on some hits by listening to so-called hitpredictors like they did last time. Helpless When She Smiles, which would have been a number one song had they not fumbled and come with a more formula-type song first off the last CD, should be recorded by Rascal Flatts and turned into a number one country song. That's just me. Anyway, RedONE produced this new single for the Boys, and it works. It's upbeat. It's fun. They'll have a great video for it, and I pray pop-radio in the states will be receptive. I already know it will be a global hit.... I hope they can again capture at home what they deservedly have - to me and millions of others - have already earned. We shouldn't even be arguing this IMHO. But, then again, I'm a fan. And I think NeverGone was one of the best projects from beginning to end I've ever heard. So I'm biased. And I don't have a crush on Nick Carter.

I give this song an A. It has what it takes. Give it a chance. Don't be scared. We did -after all - embrace the New Kids this time last year, didn't we?

2) We the Kings/Heaven Can Wait. Oh. My. God. Baby. Jesus. We're waaaaaaaaaaaay past checking yes for Juliet on this one. Produced by the aural surgeons behind Cobra Starship and Boys Like Girls, this song SCREAMS SMASH from the first minute and one half. It's a HIT. HIT HIT HIT HIT HIT. Hit. Did I say HIT? If "Check Yes" put this band from King High School in Bradenton, Florida, on the map, then this song will catapult them into the stratosphere. The timing is perfect. They need to get it in now after Cobra and BLG and before the next BLG song with Taylor Swift which is EFFING EPIC, but I digress. We The Kings hit the ball waaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyy outtada park on this one. You'll hear it here in the morning as they made me sit on my hands with my illegal mp3 leak. But I'm pumped. More than being pumped, I'm proud of these guys because they're on an Indie label - SCURVE - and they're delivering sooooo huge. Trust me. We The Kings have struck powerpop gold with this song. You'll see... and hear... in the next 24 hours. Trust me.

I give this song an A+... because they EFFING NAILED it. NAILED it. Going... going.... GONE!

3) Owl City/Fireflies. I can't get this song out of my head. In fact, it's playing right now as I write this to you 10 people who are reading. This dude went to his room one night, bored, and just started making this music. Isn't that where all great pop comes from? Lyrically, it's feel good... but let's examine what he's finding from these fireflies... OR NOT. In fact, why overthink it? Who wouldn't like to make themselves believe that "planet earth turns slowly..." and God know that everything is NEVER as it seems... and therein lies the mystery of this song's infectiousness. See, UniRepub has gone back to the Anberlin well -- that is --- they've gone to the Godrock world to find a song which has a bit of an inspirational message... and in a world that's full of insecurity, uncertainty and doubt, this song speaks volumes to those who have the ears to hear. In fact, here's something else for those who can 'hear' -- This guy embodies the soul of Michael W. Smith on his i 2 (eye) project from back in the day. Take that in your inspirational pipe and get out of the way, because Owl City is about to smoke the world with this song. It's a hit. It will break on the ModRock side first and then pop will contend. Like we did with White Town/Your Woman and 1 republic.

This song is an A+. Because I won't mess with a higher power and it's that good. Listen to it.

4) Blake Lewis/Sad Song. Again, like with BSB, I've already called his new cd a "Rembrandt". And it is. For electonic pop fans, this project is LOADED with smash after smash after smash. I hope that what I believe will happen comes true -- that it will break out of the clubs in NYC and LA and MIA. That we'll see this first single climb to the top of the dance charts so that we will in turn get to the OMG stuff that he's got sprinkled all over his new CD. I mean, I got to hear it the other day and I'll be damned if he didn't deliver a CD that works for Pop radio because there's nothing in what my old boss would have coded as a pure 4 out there anymore. Gaga is down the middle. Blake is electronic dance meets house and he's not sorry for it. In fact, that's exactly why it's so exciting. Download his first song, and buckle up... because this man is coming to make you move... and he's re-composing what you ever thought you knew about a beat - in the process. His new CD is best listened too loudly, with Dr. Dre's Beats Headphones. No, that's not a plug... I just don't want you to miss anything. This guy's got BT whispering in his ear... and you can't ignore that. Period. That would be like Floyd ignoring whatever told them to write "shine on you crazy diamond..."

His new single gets a A. But the entire CD is a masterpiece. Wait til you hear it. WOW....

5) Creed/Overcome - Oh. My. God. Baby. Jesus. No, really. They're back. Hauntingly powerful lyrics. A MASSIVE Mark Tremonti guitar solo. A band that is completely in sync and is playing like - and sounds like - they're on a mission... to reclaim the post of greatest American rock band. Period. Or to deport Nickelback back to Canada. I think Daughtry and Nickelback just got a case of the chapped ass, because this song shreds with a vengance, while maintaining that 'we-know-how-to-write-a-kick-ass-rock-hit' sensibility which has been missing and noticeably absent lately... a part of rock radio's demise since, well, Scott's demons caused some, well, well documented issues. No matter, because Scott is back and Creed's musical 'calling card' can be found in this song. You doubt me? Listen to it. It's on iTunes next week. It SCREAMS at the world... "we're back... now let's get back to the business of American rock-and-roll..." and it's never sounded better!

I give this an A, because I know the next single will make our jaws drop... and it will get an A+++++++ recommended buyer ebay rating from me.

I'm pumped. There's some great music coming. It's gonna be an awesome fall for music fans and geeks like me... Let's strap in!

Thanks for reading...

Fireflies... by Owl City

I’m so geeking out over this song by Owl City.

I know weird name, right? Wait til you hear it… I’m going to play it for our HOT or NOT song at 6:46 today because I want to know what you think about it…

Lisa, our intern, tells me this guy produced it in his basement… I’ll send what she sends me so you guys can read it. I’m psyched that we’re about to play it. She goes to Bucknell so she knows good music…

Here's what she sent me...

Geeky-music-fan-geeking-out-again… warning!

Take a listen. I’ll blog more later.