Thursday, September 07, 2006

Dora and Diego are the greatest of all time...

Kyla lookin' for either Nummies* or some sort of drink at the recent Jimmy V. Golf Tournament in Nc.

*Nummies are what she calls fruit treats. Depending on the cartoon character associated, Nums can take on several forms... ie: Dora Nummies; Polly Pocket Nummies; Nemo Nummies, Disney-Cars Nummies, etc.

While we grew up watching, I don't know, the SMURFS... Kids today are learning Spanish and a love for animals with this stuff that's like CRACK... I should have known Kyla would love the Dora/Diego-Go... because when she was small.... she used to watch Baby Einsteins ALL the time...

... that stuff was like crack... imagine being, um, well, under the influence of some sort of 1960's... um... you get the idea, right?

So anyway, she LOVES Diego. I think she has a crush on him. She also loves the BACK-YARD-I-GANS... which she says phonetically PERFECTLY... which I can't get over.

More later... k*yla's mom wanted some pics posted so I figured I'd post 'em!

Oh, see that teethy thing she's doin? She got that from my dad, who she calls Papa... last time we were at Meme and Papa's she came up with this thing... She must have got it from him... Dad, this one's for you!


Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Kyla, Me and the ZOO!

tk note: there will be no random musing, thoughts or attempts at inspiration here today...

Ya know, there's just something about seeing something you take for granted through the eyes of a 2 1/2 year old... and this weekend, I got to see -- really -- how awesome some little things are when you stop to see 'em through little eyes...

Ah, Labor day... the holiday allowing those of us in the states who work 90 hour weeks in the name of, er, whatever, a chance to pause...

This labor day, I spend some incredible one on one time with my daughter, Kyla, who taught me how to love the Zoo all over again. I had been planning to take her all weekend, and it was to be a suprise for her completely... she kept asking "where we goin' daddy? store to get nummies? mall to go shoppin? daddy office? 'wimmin?"

When we got there, she saw the giraffe and I could swear to you this child morphed into Diego, Dora's older cousin! She went on a pony ride... her FIRST! Her daddy LOVES riding... it's gay, but someday I'll tell you the stories of me, horses, shoveling s*** to get lessons, and a weird trip to a Texas hill country scout camp sometime...
The best was her trying to keep her hat on... LOL... Superbrat Kyla was worried about it sliding down her head, but I've gotta give it to her... she held onto the horn on that western saddle and rode that pony!

I'm going to be posting the pics over at on my page for very selfish reasons which i'll detail here more later, but in the meantime... while I'm figuring out our website's new photo tools and ish, I hope you enjoy these... I've literally got about 100 or so to post over there as I break in my new page on WNOK.COM :)

Did I ever tell you just exactly how much I love my job? Being Kyla's dad is the greatest gig on earth...

... even greater than the pretty awesome gig I've got.

More tomorrow over at



Sunday, September 03, 2006

Labor Day

Hey. Thanks for stoppin' by! Tomorrow, Kyla and I will venture off to the Riverbanks Zoo here in Columbia... I've got to do a couple of things in the office tomorrow... and maybe even hang with Kelly Nash on a gig (long story, if you're a radio person, email me and i'll tell you that story)... and then we'll go enjoy the rest of our holiday...

... Oh yeah, Kyla is back with me! she's been here for a few weeks, aside from one week when she was in NC with a friend who was watching her while I was at some meetings in Charlotte.

So... we've got some stuff to catch up on... And a lot of it has to do with how life works in a way it's exactly supposed to...

Recently, I had an opportunity to talk about some really exciting stuff with a couple of really exciting people in my industry. Without going into specifics, I'll just say that I had a chance to talk about what many would consider the 'gig of a lifetime'...

Just having the conversation was a dream come true enough for me.

It's a conversation not many in the world of radio ever get to have. But I guarantee you, it's one that everyone in radio (at least in the world of top 40) dream of... so from out of the many, for me to be one of the few, was such a rush...

And, that "gig" of a lifetime went to someone I was on the radio with in Lancaster once... almost a lifetime ago... and he's an awesome human being and someone who I'm genuinely happy who got the chance to go to that city. For him... it was right...

For me, it was right, too.

Life happens exactly the way it's supposed to happen. Sure we make choices which sometimes influence reality, but in the end, what is supposed to happen ultimately will... and that's more good enough for me.


Because life is about where we're going... not where we're at. Nor is it about where we've been... because that's the past. And, like I've written before, past = defense.

I prefer to be on offense ;)

And I don't exactly know where the path of my life is going... does anyone really know what the road ahead has in store? I do know it will be what's right for me, for Kyla, for those closest to me and for me professionally.

And, when it's right... it will all be perfect.

In the end, it always all just seems to find a way to come together... and if that's not exciting to you... then you're life needs a dose of fun!

It's a great adventure... this thing called life!

Ok, Kyla's saying "daddy daddy come here..." More later!

-tk the ogre of phat ;)