Tuesday, July 25, 2006

tk, where do you get it from?

Lately, I've been thinking about some things... Over the weekend, someone whom I've looked up to from afar for a long long time professionally asked me, "where do you get it from..."

So I started thinking about where "it" comes from with me...

What is "it?"

Some life. Some work. More life. Some more work. I've been thinking about "it"...

Smell the smoke?

I've been thinking about why I've embraced some things, and how embracing them, accepting my faults and weaknesses, and committing to, as Emerson says, "Leave a path" as I go through my life, both professionally and personally... My next few blog posts will have to do with my attempts to do just that... "Leaving a path..."

If you're a careful reader, or if you work in the 'biz' that I work in, you might just find out some things which could possibly help you as you go about your 'biz-naz'...

If you don't work in the business, you'll get to read about a guy who has been in great relationships with great people, screwed them up, found his way again, lost his path, but found his path once again. I'm not sure I've figured it all out but, well, hell, if you don't try, you'll never know... and since I've been inspired to "leave a trail" in recent days, I figured I'd just start hacking away and you can figure it out on your own...

I like to at times say that "we never say thank you enough..." and sometimes, like I've said here before, I don't follow my own advice enough... So, I'd like to take this time to say a long overdue thank you... it's the first of many things I'm thinking about... so let's jump in. Stay with me....

People often times say "tk, where do you get that great writing on your station..."

Well, as much I might be a 'decent' writer... great writing comes with great inspiration... and when I needed to find some emotional inspiration, I turned to one who wears her girl-heart on her sleeve. My parnter in life... my inspiration and my teammate... Carly. Thank you. For making the hair on my arm... or on the back of my neck, stand up. For thinking I look good in blue shirts. For making me try on clothes like a girl because there really is a reason for it. For teaching me about Marc Jacobs, Kiehls, KOEHLS, Louis, Coach, Burberry, Roberta Coin... For loving me -- and kyla -- just the way we are and in spite of everything in life. For NMW. For knowing I've work the same pair of jeans for two days, but not telling anyone... For what you do for me every day... not just every day, but every minute of every day and of every hour. This weekend, as I was in the car riding off onto another great adventure in this life like no other in which I live, I thought to myself that I didn't know if I could tackle yet another one of my -- our -- crazy adventures if I had do it without you... And the truth is, I know I couldn't. So, thank you.

And, if you -- who are reading this -- want her to write imaging for you, and you know what 'imaging' is... you might wanna ask her... because she has been my secret weapon in my work life. She... and a 2 year old named Kyla.

So what do they inspire me to? What do I learn from them?

Selfless passion for one. Open, limitless emotion. Not being afraid to show it. That's what these two girls in my life have taught me. And since -- and WHEN -- I listen (because there are times I guy-out and don't)... I find that I live a better life. A life more at peace and a life more okay with the fact that love loves in spite of imperfections. Through all of it, I find the "reassure-ment" (SIC) which I need to "leave a trail"...

Yes. Reassure-ment. I know. It's an inside word.... LOL.

If you read some of my really really early posts here... you'll see where this "emo-tk" came from. And now you know where my inspiration has come from.

"Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail." — Ralph Waldo Emerson

I keep this card on my desk... and it reminds me of what my course in life is. Once, I was told, when I had lost my way on the path of life that someone "hoped I'd find my way..."

Well, I didn't find my way back onto that path.... Because togehter, we're blazing our way togehter -- and there is no "way" to find... We're leaving a trail together... And I think some people just might be following us...

CAL - Thank you for being my teammate. And my partner.

More of my thoughts later. I've been given cause to think a lot over the last 72 hours... and I've had plenty of time to spend in thought, too...

Like, why does the new McD's Southern Style Chicken sandwich seem earrily similar to the Chic-Fil-A Chicken Sandwich?

Or... You had me at CHOCOLATE... and can a chocoloate bar serve as a cure the symptoms of PMS?

Ponderous man. Just ponderous.

More pondering later :)

I'll see you soon... and thanks for reading...


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  1. TK,
    Hey, I listened to you in Tampa and I have to say, you think in a way I do. I was lost for a while and rather than becoming a follower and hopping back on the highway of life just to find a good exit, I took the scenic<--sp?> route.

    Your inner peace is what will drive you and I love your quotes on leaving the trail. Mostly because I feel as though that is what I did after my accident in 2003. On 933 you did the baby daddy day give away and picked a winner each day of the week.

    It was one year after my "accident" and I won for thursday. I had a strong man behind me and we fell apart. Rather than finding my way back to him/life/everything: and just getting off at that same exit. We set out to make our own new path in life and we are now married.

    I didn't want to win him anything, I just wanted people out there to know some guys with a heart do still exists. And TK, you are one of them. Be proud. Kyla is one lucky little beautiful girl to have one hell of a Daddy like you. And she still looks like you!

    See, some things in life may not work out the way they were planned or wanted. But without things like that happening we as people would never have the opportunity to experience what we do. You now have Carly, and to me, just by reading, seems like she has brought an emmense amount of sunshine into your life, along with baby girl Kyla.

    With me, I would have never seen the beauty of the Pocono Mountains, Hialeah Park, Bushkill, and all of the beauty not mentioned from my *off the path* time in PA. Memories held dear and near to our hearts.

    Ok, Now I am rambling...sorry! Drop me an e-mail sometime. I am on here *Blogger* and on MySpace as mommyequalsinsanity, if you want to get in to it let me know. I have it on lock down. my e-mail addy is MCRYSTLE@aol.com if you ever want to talk or share opinions on life and journeys. I would love to chat with you about things like this. I do not find many people who think like me or even understand my analogies.