Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Recent Kyla!

Hey! Sorry it's been a minute... but I've been busy being daddy... and playing with this little one who you'll see some recent pics of here today!

Now, I do have some thoughts to complete from an earlier post... and I will try to do so today... but while you're waiting... here's some pics of Kyla!!!

Kyla got a new shirt... a present from Carly! This pic was from Sunday night when I was building her new table that she got from her Meme and Papa... more pics on this later today!

This is Kyla feeding her daddy some ICE CREAM for her B-DAY!!! Kyla 2.o: the Kylabration continues!

Kyla and daddy watching the ducks as the sun sets at a lake in Raleigh, NC...

Kyla is comptemplating the whoreifficness of Kellie Pickler on American Idol... in her new Dora papazan which she got for her BDAY 2.0 from Carly! She and Daddy are watching American Idol... and as you can see, she's very intense about this season's competition...

... or she's taking a poop. Both require intense focus and concentration as you know.

Kyla preparing for a future career as a dentist at EdVenture here in Columbia, SC!

Kyla running at the water exhibit at EdVenture here in Columbia!

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