Sunday, December 18, 2005

Kyla and Daadddeeee... together again!

That's right... after a month of being away in freezing cold CT, Kyla is back with me for Christmas! I flew up to her mom's house to get her - was delayed at Dulles - and spent a few hours remembering why I can tolerate days at 35 degrees more than I can tolerate days at 17 degrees. Yeah, it is COLD in New England... but getting her back for a week this holiday makes a few hours of cold worth it... she'll be back with her mom and her family up there at her winter residence in New England next week...

One of the coolest things about seeing someone - in this case - Kyla again after a momth is how the short span of one month can bring so many changes! She's expanded on the verbal skills she had when she was here... experts say she's processing about 50 new words every day, so we're making certain we teach her some new ones while we have her! The most amazing thing was what she did NOT forget... people, places, faces and things. When she walked into her new room in Columbia (complete with her own PINK iMAC), she went "ooooooooh" then went to her Finding Nemo car and hopped on it, then started turning knobs as if to make sure they still worked. Then, it was off to her Kyla toy bin to dig through her toys to find whatever it is she was looking for. We ended the evening watching the Little Einsteins her friend Car-Car turned her on to and then read a book together before she went to sleep in her crib. She looked - well - at peace. And it just felt good to see her, her 'babies' back in Columbia, even if for one night before we left for vacation.

Speaking of things she didn't forget... you should have seen her at her Nana's house here... Mrs. Jane who watches Kyla with her friend Carson and others in Nana's family. Kyla got out of the car, and while I was getting her things together, she ran right up to the door to go in to Nana's house! On the way she'd babble and then you'd hear a word "nanna" or "paapap" which is what she calls Nana's husband. Amazing. It's probably one of those things you only notice if you're a dad... but it's just amazing nontheless. Friday evening, after work, we we left on our vacation, and drove to NC to see some family here and Kyla knew where we were going... but instead of saying "car car" this time... she said the name of our friend in Raleigh and started laughing... and it kinda set a tone for fun... which we're continuing today doing some sort of something that is fun for a 21 month old and two people who love her more than life itself! You should have seen her at Randi's house... let's just say she LOVES her some doggies... and she BARKS at them! We were all fascinated watching this little girl bring so much happiness to everywhere she goes. It just makes me so proud to be her daddy... you have no idea. She's so brilliant...

It's amazing what she remembers and what she says. Before she left, I made her a promise which has to do with the 'stars' and 'moon' and to hear her talking about them just at random kinda lets me know that she heard and understood what i promised her before she went back to her mom.

Regardless of your religious beliefs, the end of the year brings a time for family and those closest to you... those who are there for you no matter what. From Kyla and I to you... it's our wish that you'd have some amazing time with family this holiday. We wish for you that you'd remember that the holidays aren't just about presents... or money you spend or receive... or what you 'think' you should have received for whatever holiday you celebrate. We wish for you peace... happiness for you and your family and love.... above all others... that you set aside your personal drama and issues with friends, family etc... and experience the LOVE this season brings with it. A love that heals, strengthens and brings for you a joy that will carry you well into the new year!

We're traveling north starting tomorrow. I'll try to update with pics and more of Kyla experiencing some cool things while she's with us!

Ho 3....


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