Sunday, October 23, 2005

I'll take what my daddy's eating, please...

Here's one of Kyla over the weekend... we went to UNO over in Lexington and chowed down on Saturday night. We had some company in town and - well - it's always fun to do what we do when we all do it together!

Kyla's had a very interesting case of the poops this week... i know, gross, but I figured I'd talk about in the event that anyone even reads my blog anymore... LOL. They've been better, then it seems like today (Sunday) they've been every like 30 minutes... I gave her rice and crackers for dinner... But I guess we'll see... we're going to the doctor this week. It made for some fun with my company this weekend, tho! :) Kyla's busy right now watching Disney's Little Einsteins... she LOVES Little Einsteins now. She used to dance the way she dances for Little Einsteins' anytime ELMO came on... but I guess now she's graduated to the blend of Art, Real Life and animation that makes up a Little Einstens show. She LOVES them... just like Baby Einstein when she was way younger... LOL I can hear her going PAT PAT PAT PAT PAT with the Einstein kids trying to get Rocket to blast OFF!

Speaking of company... she just left a couple of hours ago and I can already feel that she's gone. It's the toughest part of a relationship that involves some distance... the weekend escapes that are almost magical - even when you're doing nothing, like we did this weekend - which have to come to an end... I thought that the 'hit-in-the-gut' feeling would get better with time, but it hasn't... and I am ok with that. I think that's what happens when you love someone deeply... You miss them... even when they're not really all that gone, ya know?

I am the most blessed man on the planet, and I am reminded almost daily of just how lucky I am that I have the women in my life that I have. One's almost 19 months old and has taught me so much about love, life, selflessness and patience and the other has taught me again how to love with my whole being. It's just amazing.

Now I know it seems kind of GEEEEY to read a guy talking about this... but if there's one thing I've learned... it's to listen to the women in your life. The passion you may have for something... is the passion they have for you. And in my case, it's so true. And in every case they want the best for you.

All my best... more pics of Kyla soon... I have to go through about 40 that we took this weekend...



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