Friday, July 08, 2005

I knew

...this secret relationship we were having couldn't last forever. But I hope we can remain friends. It's me, not you. LOL. This is my official "break up," goodbye letter to this blog -- and yes, you curious fools - this is Sam.

We all knew this affair couldn't last forever. I have my own life, my own blog...and I need to hand the reins back over to Toby b/c this is his life. You should hear things in his words, not mine. My perspective is just that...mine.

It has been fun. There's something incredible about just being able to step into someone else's shoes for minute. Throwing all of your stresses, concerns, baggage...and risky business to the wasteside. Even if it's just for a minute.

Well, there is no need for me to get all sentimental...and I hate goodbyes. So lets just say until next time. I mean you never know -- I could play my fickle card & realize this is all a big fat mistake.

I'll miss you,

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