Friday, July 01, 2005

I am Sam.

Hi. None of you know who i am...and though you might speculate, ponder and press for details, you will never REALLY know. Call me Sam. Sam I am. LOL.

Toby, you are not as clever as you think u r. I HACKED YOUR PAGE. Love me. Trust me. I promise not to write anything stupid or incriminating. Hi Toby's parents, hi rest of family and friends, radio admirers and stalkers. Oh, how could I forget -- the drama queens of the world...hi.

I'm a drama queen. I like attention. Why else would I hijack Toby's blog?

Ok, to the real reason I'm here. For right now Toby is on hiatus. He's out living life...for himself. He might be back soon. But he might not. But rest assured, he's the happiest & luckiest he's ever been. He's so damn lucky, he thanks the "baby jesus" every day. Anyways.

Do you miss Toby? I don't. But I get to see him. I get to hear what's on his mind, instead of just reading about it. I get the real life Toby. So sorry you don't. Be jealous. You should be. You really just have NO IDEA do you?

Have you ever met the poetic Toby? Have you ever met "The Real Haysus?" I'm slim shady...yes, I'm shady. Am I messing with you yet? Do you know who I am? Sam I am.

Anyways, be nice to Toby and maybe he'll come out and play again soon. They say distance makes the heart grow fonder. I think that's BS, but believe it if you want.

Wanna know who I am? Email Toby at and maybe...just maybe he'll give you a clue. Then again, maybe not.


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