Tuesday, July 05, 2005


...of fear. Of doubt. Of hope. Of love. Have you ever wanted so badly to have utter and complete absoluteness? To be absolutely, positively sure?

Hi. It's me, Sam. Cloudy, rainy day today. Don't you think it's amazing how the weather manages to align itself with your life...day after day? Do you wonder why, when you first begin to see clarity things bottom up? Well, for the sake of avoiding argument...and not digging too deep, let's just chalk it up to the beautiful entanglement of life. Yes...lets.

So, have you figured out who I am yet? LOL. Who could I possibly be...??? More importantly, who really cares? I could be Toby's mom or dad, his best friend, gf, ex-gf, co-worker, mentor...and the list goes on. Maybe I'm Toby and I just feel like talking to you without the pressures of being "Toby." Maybe. BUT WHO REALLY CARES. You shouldn't concern yourself with this...and don't let me feed your curiousity with my teasing. I mean, does it really matter who I am?

Did you have a good 4th? Blow anything up? Watch the fireworks? Get way too much sun? All I know is that heavenly shouldn't be something you velcro together. It should be top of the line. First class. As perfect as perfect can be. And besides the velcro and a tiny seperation of time...for me, it was.

Hopefully, you too, had a tiny taste of heavenly. ;)

More later -

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