Sunday, June 26, 2005

unreal reality...

when life allows you to have a chance at something you believed would never come


unreal reality.

i've said i am the luckiest man on the planet.

here's why. because despite every area... and i mean every area... in which i've failed the many....

the love... unconditional love... pure love... love that few can describe but which has inspired millions since the beginning of time.... has shown me that you can repair, restore... and re-inspire...

... if you're strong enough to try.

there's no perfect. there's no 'almost a masterpiece....'

there is, however, a place that that exists where you just try to live a good life....

and you let history be the judge.

you can fix what you've broken.

you can right your real wrongs.

you can. if you will just try.

may love lead you as you do... and as you live with passion.

- a guy, like you, who was blessed

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