Thursday, June 02, 2005


Well, provided the weather hasn't made different plans, I've got the dubious duty of judging another Hooters' bikini contest this evening. Ahhhh the perils of my job. It's cool, tho, because when I am out, it keeps my mind off other things. Let me explain:

When you're alone, do you ever find that you become a prisoner of your thoughts? It's almost obsessive - you think incessantly about something until you can't possibly think about it anymore? God I found myself in this boat over the last couple of days, and then, in the midst of that funk I was in yesterday, I realized something. I'm not gonna be able to change what will be anyway, right? So, what do you do? Accept it and go on? Deal with it? I think so. And, you have to try to keep your mind off of things that bother you, perplex you or whatever by providing yourself with distractions.

I think this happens when we fail to live for a moment. Read on, you'll see what I mean.

After yet another night of restless sleep (or lack thereof), I woke up this morning and made myself a promise. I promised myself that I'd live life for every moment that may come... and that i'll seize them... because they may never come again. And when I made myself that promise, the other things I was stressing just all went away. It's pretty amazing, actually.

So why "living moment by moment?"

Because I've found here recently that what you perceive the future to be may be completely different than where REALITY is leading. You may THINK you have the future figured out... you may think you've got a handle on how things will be or go, and then, BOOM, life shows up and you realize that there's more complications than comforts, and what do you do then? You get into the funk like I was in.

But, when you slightly alter your perception - and realize that the PRESENT... the MOMENT you just experienced... is one of many keys to happiness, then you find that things aren't so bad after all. And you start to look forward to whatever moment life may bring you next. Maybe its a friend coming into town this weekend to hang with you... maybe it's the smile of your little girl that you've not seen in some time... who knows. But I do know that each moment is loaded with it's own special little miracles... and if you're patient... and still... and listen... they will speak to you.

Live for your moment today. Embrace it. It could be the last time you feel it... til that next one comes along ;)


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