Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Earlier mornings...

...It's my new thing. Getting up earlier. Being ready to conquer the world and to continue the learning that comes when you're doing what I am doing. That's one of the reasons I've been writing earlier here... and it's all a part of my "personal hour" to set my mental state for the day. Sometimes, it's not easy. Sometimes things happen that distract - physically, mentally and at times, emotionally. That's where discipline comes in.

The funny thing is, at times in my life, I've been anything but disciplined.

But times do change.

Not that I am the master of focus or any discipline, but I would say that I am getting better at it. And, like the time I take each morning now, it - mental discipline and focus - sometimes... it just isn't easy.

Now, if this were a commercial, I'd say, "As your doctor if Strattera is right for you..."

But here, I'd say, ask yourself if YOU are right for you. Are you happy? Content? Secure? Or, are you, like all of us, battling demons that live for whatever reason? You know - the thoughts that exist because of past indiscretions? Maybe unfinished business as I've spoken of before. Who knows what it is. All that matters is that it bothers you and challenges your focus.

If so, get over it.

You can't change what you've done. Just because you've done something - or have proven you're capable of something doesn't mean others are capable of it. Or, maybe they are, but you don't know that they haven't found the same focus you're seeking yourself. Quiet the demons and realize that, hey, it happens! We screw up! We make mistakes but the most powerful thing about the human condition is our ability to come back... to take what we've done and let it inspire us to be better than we are. It presses us into the thing that we do as long as we're breathing: the act of becoming.

The act of becoming.

When you start to give into the fears of the past - those fears which stifle progress, hinder security and mental, emotional or spiritual growth in life and in relationships - press on. Realize that you have within you inate, dynamic resources unlike any other. They come from within you. From that place that makes you who you are. Follow that strength and live with feeling, emotion, confidence in yourself and in the act of becoming. It's not always easy, but, then, is anything in life really? Think about it. Has anything you've ever wanted really been easy?

Didn't think so.

When I was in Lancaster and Philadelphia - learning and growing, I had always dreamed of working where I worked before i came here, to Columbia. It's generally considered a "mecca" when you do what I do. A place for the most creative misfits in radio and where complete creativity is fostered, encouraged and rewarded. It was and is a place regarded higher than most other radio stations major cities - including those stations I worked at along my way. It's mentioned in the same breath as New York and LA while other much larger cities are considered second tier. Not to discount other majors or other larger stations, it just is what it is, and, I almost didn't achieve the dream of working there. At the end - for a minute - I actually comtemplated complacency - to stop "becoming" and to "be" what I was in the position I was in.

Then, I stepped away for a minute, went to regroup my thoughts and to rekindle my passion for the act of becoming. And when I came back from that "sojourn" if you will, I came back, and every gift I've been given was rested, refined and refocused.

From there, the rest is history.

What do I mean by that story? I mean to stay that when you overcome internal doubt and fear, you unleash the true power of that gift we ALL have... The power of your spirit. It's what - I believe - powers us in the act of becoming. With extraordinary confidence of spirit - we can overcome anything. Of course it's not easy. Sure, it gets hurt. Sure, the body becomes weak and the soul becomes run down. That's all part of what brings it to life. Just remember for yourself that perpetual optimism is indeed, as Colin Powell has said, "a force multiplier" and for me, it's part of that fuel - the eternal optimism - which powers the soul as we go on in the act of becoming.

You think you can't be better than you are? You can. It may take work, but you can.

You think you can't shake the demons of the past? I think by breathing each morning when you get up, you already have.

You don't have confidence in who you are, in your relationship, in your job or in whatever you're doing? Trust me I know. I battle with it at times, too... But, I believe WE do - if WE have the courage to believe in ourselves.

As we go, let us remember: We are always becoming. We never are. We certaintly never were.

The sunlight peeking through the blinds in the living room reminds me that it's time to go and continue my great adventure through life. It's a life like no other, trust me. And, your life is a life like no other. Our "adventures" as we continue "becoming" help to shape and guide us as we continue our journey. They define us as lovers, friends, parteners, parents, leaders... as members of this global sandbox we all play in as we go through life.

The act of becoming... It's what you do when you are living. And I hope you are doing so - with enormous confidence...

... and endless passion.

All my best today as you become,


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