Thursday, June 23, 2005

Completely honest. Completely open. Being complete.


Life moves fast for me. Especially now. And, it happens that you're catching me in the midst of many changes personally. That being said, I'll apologize in advance for my less frequent updates which you'll see here for the next couple of weeks. I reserve the right to update when I feel so led, now, but I just wanted you to know that things could be sparse for those of you who come here to read what exactly is going on in my head.

Endings give way to brand new beginnings.

In a few days, the sun will set on a different time in my life. What a time it was. It's a time that while great at times - had more than it's share of pain. Pain I played a part in creating at times, too... but thankfully, pain which led to great personal growth. Is there sadness? No. It's the best thing that could happen... and the closure it brings, not just to me, but to others involved, is a blessing. It's a blessing because it means a moving on for some, but for others, it brings, as Sting would sing "the promise of a brand new day..."

It brings a beginning for me that is completely open... completely out there on the table... completely based on faith and completely based on a promise that a power greater than any other can conquer...

... it's a beginning I almost didn't reach. And it's a beginning which still requires me to grow every day.

CANI. You've seen me write about it here. Now, like i've said so many times, I get to really embrace what it means. Constant And Neverending Improvement... in an area of my life that requires me to be the every best I can be in a situation I feel very - very strongly about. CANI. As a daddy.

CANI. When it comes to me being all the things I believe I can be.

Last night, while planning my pending vacation - my first in almost 2 years - I was talking to someone about my grandfather. He's a man who lived a selfless life full of grace, dignity, strength, courage and love. He spent 50+ years as an amazing partner to my grandmother. In his quiet, strong way, he moved mountains, and touched lives. His incredible power? His selflessness, his complete openness and honesty with his lifelong companion, my grandmother, and his belief that by doing things for others, you can indeed find yourself. I hope I can be the same way.

Ok, I've gotta get to a very full agenda. But before I go, one last morsel of advice:

Trust the power of complete openness and honesty. Don't have fear that it may scar you - or hurt you. Trust. Close your eyes and let go of fear - no matter how long it's been building... you will be amazed at what can happen.

Can I? Yes. I can. Can you? Can we? Abosolutely. Believe. And find your moment as you live with passion...

Until next time...

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