Friday, June 24, 2005

Bent statues... and bar crawls...


I know I said it may be more infrequent that I update, but really quick...

If you're of the COLA pursuasion... tonight, I'm hosting the Reality Bar Crawl... at Rio Nightlife... CT and Dave from 'da Real World on MTV are in the house. Get into it... tonight starting like at 9. I'll be there at 11.


I was listening to this station called "the Pulse" today. They're not local. In fact, they're "extra-terrestrial..." but because I work in a terrestrial world, i'll limit my comments on their delivery-device. LOL. Yeah, I own stock, too. Hi, Kid...

Well, on my drive home this evening, I heard a couple of songs that just kinda fit for me today... and well... for this week...

It's been a tough one.

A new one and an old one. Back to back. Both by artists i've met.

Low Millions/Statue
Matchbox Twenty/Bent

See you tonight at Rio. And, if you get a chance, try the Whipped Cream Desserts when you eat at Whiteys.

Go. Inspire. Create. Relax. It's the weekend.


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