Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Star Wars, 5 For Fighting, and stuff...

You're going to see it, right? Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith? It's gonna be dark. It's gonna be freaky. And everyone is talking about. Screw Britney and Kevin, Star Wars mania is at a fever pitch. Everyone's talking about the force, Luke and Leah, Yoda and stuff... You have to go. If you don't, you're denying yourself the very fabric of pop culture.

Believe the hype. It's Real.

I think Pancho and I are gonna go at midnight tonight just so we're out in the midst of the insanity that is Star Wars. I mean hey, who are we to miss a great pop culture event! There's these brand new cinemas by where I live in the Northeast of Cola, so it's not like it's a bad thing.

Star Wars. Drink Pepsi. Eat at Burger King. Blah. Marketing overload in progress!

One thing is for certain: George Lucas is worth MILLIONS!

So - I am diggin' this commercial for Chase Credit Cards with 100 years by 5 for Fighting in it. Awesome. Just moving. The song really makes me think of Kyla... Fortunately, the moments I've lost are nothing compared to the lifetime she and I will spend together... and I feel great about the future with her.

Speaking of the future... I've rediscovered something very powerful... a powerful "force" if you will that is just so... well... amazing.

Finally, for the first time in a long time, and despite the fact that I still grieve and long to have more of my daughter in my life, I've found a real sense of peace. I feel grounded. All things do work for the good... and after the storm for me, there's come a calm... and a peace...

... and it's pretty special.

More later...


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