Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Oh what a bootyful morning...

Hi. Thanks for stopping by. It's funny... you put yourself out there - even if just a little bit, and people respond. Blogging... what a unique thought! Whodathunk that an anonymous (in most cases) form of communication would bring about the responses that I've been getting. Today, I'm gonna address some of the comments I've had.

Now, I've disabled comments here because honestly, there are some assholes in this world who hide behind their anonyminity. They post stuff about my former relationship or whatever and act very ballsy but they're so ballsy they don't post their name. Screw that. If you can't tell me who you are in an email, then I'm not going to post your crap on my blog. Call me whatever, but at least I am not scared to live my life - good and bad - in front of you. Ever try it? Maybe it's why you have insecurities... you hide. It's a minority of people who always ruin everything for everyone else, so to you who've emailed me, thank you! I look forward to meeting the many new Columbia friends and to seeing you who are old Tampa friends again very soon...

First general question/comment I get is about Kyla. Yes, she's amazing. Thank you for all your very kind words about my daughter as well as your well-wishes as I embark on a very hard journey - being a daddy from a distance. It's not easy knowing that I - by no choice of my own, just the result of a situatiuon that couldn't be fixed - have to miss her taking her first steps. I've said it before - there's a very deep pain that comes from knowing that I've got month after month to make up with her because her mom and I just couldn't work things out, but, I trust that things will happen for the best and that she'll grow knowing her daddy loves her very much and adores her more than life itself. She is the woman in my life and I love her totally. I can't wait until I can take her on trips to Disney... on cruises, on vacations and more. She'll know that her Daddy loves life and I hope she will grow to know this love I have for life and that she will have it as well. Thank you all very much for your very kind words about her. I am a proud daddy and under the circumstances, your love for her through your words helps a wounded heart to heal just a little more every day.

I do wish she were here - not a day goes by that I dont go into her beautiful, empty nursery and allow my mind to wander back to places it's been over the last 14 months...

Hopefully, sometime soon, God will give me the chance to experience it again...

Second question - do I like SC. Yes. It's a great state with great people. WNOK is a great station and I am very glad and blessed to be here. We're having a ton of fun!

Third question - have I "moved on". I'd like you to respect me for now keeping this area of my life private. I've shared so much in the past... now, i'd ask that you let me have the time to continue to heal. It's not easy, trust me, to be a single dad whose daughter is not with him when you meet new people... but I do know that the people I may move on with will love Kyla as much as I do and this makes me more and more happy about the future.

Finally... here's some new music you need to check out:

Tyler Hilton/That's how love should be
Weezer/Beverly Hills
Green Day/Holiday

Gotta run back to the show! More later...

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