Monday, May 09, 2005

Muthashuckin' Road Trips on Mutha's Day...

One of the things I've picked up in this life from my dad is my love for road trips. The kind you just go off on when you have nothing else to do. Growing up, I can remember MANY a driving vacation with the family... and those were the times which just really stick with me. If you know me -- or knew me -- well, you know that I love hitting the road for no reason whatsoever! Friends in West Palm? Let's go! Miami? Fine. Charlotte for dinner with my friend Joe from NY when he was in? Yup. Why not? In the last 2 1/2 years, I kinda quit going on crazy road trips because, well, let's just say I forgot that I could do some things I liked to do.

Now, it's on again!

It's just over 4 hours from here to Jacksonville... and I left after my club gig on Sunday am at around 3:30 and arrived around 7:30 in Florida for a show I was going to! Let me tell you - the drive can be long sometimes, but there's no better way to clear your head than to hit the road and think!

So, why a 4-hour road trip from here through the SC lowlands, through GA to JAX on Mother's Day? Beacuse - trust me - after the last few months, the last thing I wanted to was sit in Columbia and dwell on the day. So, instead I took off to a place I love to do a job I love doing. What a rush. I forgot how much fun it is to be on stage in front of thousands introducing a national rock act. I forgot how much fun it is to walk into a studio in a city and go on the air and have fun... and when I say city - i mean one the size of Jax. It made me realize how much I miss some things - and some people.

My radio "son" Jordan was there. We worked together in Tampa... it was good to see him, and to reminisce about great times, good times, some not-so-good times and even better times after that! I was the luckiest Assistant PD in radio there - with a team that made the job fun every day... and to see Him, Alecia, and others go on to their own new careers because of what we started there is amazing.

It's even more amazing to know that - as I reminded him - he's making money to HAVE FUN by being on the radio! LOL

So - I left to go down at 3:30am on Sunday AM after a gig... and I got back last night at 3am! 24 hours exactly! What a great trip. Great time with some great people reminscing about some great times and while building new friendships - like with Jordan's boss, Skip. If you're ever in JAX, listen to 97-9 in the afternoon... he's on then. Good dude. Just gets it... no pun intended ;)

SO - speaking of road trips. There's one trip I've not made yet. One I know now that I want and need to make... but there's something I need to do first... and I am doing it. And, when I make this one road trip...

... we'll, let's just say it will be interesting. I almost should have made it this weekend... but I still have some work to do before I do.

Don't try to read too much into it. While I'll give you subtle hints, this time, I'll keep the personal to myself. Not knocking you read this, but you got enough drama from TK with the last relationship. This next one - if indeed that is what it becomes - will be much more private, much more personal, and much more between me, the other person, and when the details worked out, my daughter...

God, that alone brings me so many new, strange, wonderful and scary concerns.

Ok, gotta work. More iPODS and more of JR's money to give away...

Check back, because I could revise this post w/ more road trip stories soon...


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