Monday, May 23, 2005

Monday night things...

Warning: completely random post ahead.

Hi. Welcome back. I figure there has probably got to be some reason you've stopped by here today. Or tonight. Or at whatever time that it is which brings you by my little hole on the web. Today was a pretty busy Monday... one which brought me new lessons... and which allowed me to grow as a person... or leader... or whatever you would call it. Today, I realized that sometimes, when you lead people, you've gotta get with them, see where their head is at, and let them know you believe in them even when it comes to having to motivating them. Today, I realized that everything in life can serve as a teacher of a lesson if you choose to let it, and I also was reminded of the potential wrong that comes with making short sided decisions... it reinforces a strategy I recently was taught - short term pain for long term pleasure. I also discovered the inate power that comes when you are committed to a course of action.

Ah, Mondays. There's just something about Mondays.

Anyway, things are good today. Just very busy - on weeks like this, you try to work ahead so that you - and your team - can try to enjoy a holiday like Memorial Day. It's tough when your business operates 24/7, 365 and is always on... especially when you obsess over things at the office.

Speaking of Memorial Day... I find that my thoughts drift to my Grandfather. What a tremendous man. An Army Air Force photographer who served because he believed that the call of his country was greater than himself. And, he, like countless others in the greatest generation went forth and gave of themselves so that the world and the concept of freedom would survive. He then came home and lived the American dream he fought to save. Started a family. Started a business. Founded charities. Lived an American live, loved with boundless love and left an incredible legacy when he stepped beyond the bounds of this world into the next....

There are many who have answered the call to serve - to defend the freedoms I take for granted every day. While we're free to debate the causes of some actions we as a nation have taken in the global theater recently, they're on the line, following the orders they're given and defending the honor - and privilidge - that comes with being an American.

Memorial Day. A day to remember. And a day for me to say thanks. Thank you to those who live, work and serve at Fort Jackson here locally. To those who may swing by this blog from MacDill. Thank you. To those who have gone before... you liberators of a world.... thank you.

I've often said that I feel we don't say "thank you" enough.

Anyway. My random thoughts. Pretty random tonight. I guess sometimes, when you fell random, you should just let thoughts flow. Sometimes, you find real clarity.

My life is pretty uneventful these days. Sometimes, uneventful gives the wrong connotation... My life is filled with solituide these days.... no... that's not right either. My life is pretty quiet these days. That's sort of true. It is much more quiet around here these days. Not sure if that "quiet" is am used to... but it sure is peaceful. Less drama maybe? Yeah. More peace? Sort of.

OH - Bravo TV. Tuesday night reality check. You gotta watch. Pretty interesting. What about this Sports Kids and Parents show? Have you seen this? It's amazing. Parents are whacked sometimes when it comes to supporting their kids sports careers. Pretty insane.

... told you tonight was a random night. It's one of those nights. Quiet. Calm.

I almost forgot how much I love the West Wing. What a great show. I haven't seen it in weeks... America needs a Martin Sheen type President. Maybe not all of his politics, but someone with his charisma. This episode is pretty powerful.

Moments in time. Things which inspire us. Sometimes in moments of solitutude, you'll find inspiration. Motivation. Dedication. Mediate. Segregate. Alleviate.


I told you this would be random ;)

Have you tired of reading yet? Just wondering.

Sometimes, the impossible is possible.

Does this make me look fat?

We're going to make this exciting again.

15 minutes could save you 15 percent or more.

Random. Told ya. Yet you still read on. Meanwhile, you need to ask yourself,

"Did a moment of my life just pass me by?"

Well, did it?


.... tk

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