Monday, May 16, 2005

Monday business....

I love Mondays. You climb back into work, realize you have to pay your bills and deal with a slew of what I call the "Monday stuff" for the company... reports on our music, reports on the station, reports about the reports... okay, maybe it's not that bad, but Mondays always seem to bring a unique set of challenges, but it's most fun to overcome them... something I couldn't do without the exceptional team of people I have been blessed to work with here.

I am just really pleased with how things are going here. We're not perfect. But in virtually every area, this team of people at this station are committed to getting better day by day. It's like they've adopted the principles of C.A.N.I - Constant and Never Ending Improvement - that I spoke to them about and have applied them. I was just telling one of my guys that even on the weekends you can hear a BETTER WNOK. It's amazing what really can happen when you coach a little, bump here, nudge there, and set people off on their own to improve.

Wanna know something funny? It's funny... but I've been feeling some strong emotions lately about so many things. It's amazing. I am truely blessed in this life. I've got a great daughter. Sure, things aren't exactly perfect, but isn't it amazing? She's perfect. I've got a great job with great people. I live a pretty blessed life... and the best thing is that - and I really believe this - the best is just ahead for me professionally and personally.

Life. It throws you curve balls. You learn to hit them.

More later...


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