Thursday, May 12, 2005

Life unscripted.

I dont know why I am calling this post "life: unscripted". I think I saw it on TV someplace once and it just kinda made sense. One thing I've learned about life is that when you live with passion - and you think of success often as you do - things just kinda find a way to happen. It's the unscripted things in life that really do make the most sense when you look at them as part of the big picture of things!

So - last week, we hung w/ Brad from the Real World: San Diego. It's funny - I used to know Robin from the Real World when I was at my last station... we shared some funny stories. Not that I knew her well, but I knew she was not one to miss a good party! I mean, come on, she worked at Coyote Ugly in Ybor - did you not think that she'd have some party stories? Well... keeping the reality theme alive - I get to *gasp* judge a bikini contest tonight at Hooters here in Columbia! LOL! Hooters - a family restaurant in Florida, but for some reason, people think it as this place that exploits the magical mams of life for male pleasure and financial gain. Like a dressed up strip club or something! Forget that they're one of the best places to eat, hang, or whatever! Anyway, tonight, I get to do this judging with Jillian and Heidi from Road Rules Extreme... Should be pretty awesome. I love how all these reality show tours come through COLA because of USC... it's one of the many things about this town that does give it some distinction.

The weekend is here starting tomorrow... I am planning on doing some housekeeping stuff and some ebaying... I've needed to do some cleaning for a few minutes now and this weekend will be perfect for it! I am actually looking forward to a somewhat restful weekend of working on my stations, doing some furniture shopping at Home Furniture - who we've teamed with on House Arrest ( for more on that)... hitting the gym and relaxing...

... it'd be perfect if Kylaboo was with me... but I'll see her soon.

Thanks for the emails. Keep 'em coming. Special thanks to SB from FL who always writes to let me know that I am in her thoughts... that's really cool... and thank u!

Ok... time to go to Hooters and do the job... it's tough, i know...



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