Monday, May 16, 2005

Holy CLEAN house...

Can I just tell you what a difference a CLEAN house makes?


I just came in and I felt like I was walking into a new place... It was surreal looking... Like a scene from a movie... Clean living room... Clean kitchen... Clean bathroom... Clean laundry room...

4 outta 5 ain't bad, right?

Bedroom gets done tonight. I know I sound all Martha-Stewartty, but, I can't lie- this casa be clean! And it feels good!

I guess I should have listened to Mom, and others... Oh well!

Off to some Monday night stuff... I wish I had more ramblings for you... But I don't right now! I could tell you all the ways I've ever blown it in my relationships... I've been thinking about all the wrongs I've ever committed and how this next time, I am committed to doing them all right... I could tell you about the ones I should have stayed with... The reasons for break ups, etc...

... But I'll let you imagine for now. He. He. He.

OH - before I go...

John Legend/Number One

tk iPod most played for today... Listen to it!

(I say this knowing that some of you will go look for lyrics to see if I am sending a message to anyone LOL. That makes me laugh...)

Ok bye.


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