Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Harper's by candlelight over a glass of cabernet... .

Not really. But it made you more anxious to read, didn't it? He he he...

Well, you're back. Thanks, I guess. You'd think that after the last 3 years of you hearing about - and in many ways, being a part of my life - that I'd be used to your regular visits to my rhetorical playpen on the web by now, but I am not. It still amazes me that you find my life so important that you venture by here to read my thoughts. Maybe I am just a momentary escape at the office. Maybe you're looking for something from me. I don't know. Whatever it is, I hope that while you're here, you find whatever it is you're looking for.

Someone start U2 "I still haven't found what I'm looking for..." LOL. ;) Kidding, of course.

Tonight, I dined at Harpers with an old... OLD friend. One that goes back to the VEEEEEEEEEEERY beginning of my adventure in radio. In fact - she was the rep who bought me my first beer and almost got me banned from one of the coolest hangs in a market I used to be in... Lancaster, Pa. I have to admit it was good to see her. It made me realize, by looking it in the eye, how very different we become as we travel the road of life. We were both at different places in our lives then. We are both at very different places in our lives now. So, for an hour tonight, I traveled with her back over two careers which span years, miles and memories. And some of the things I discovered along the way are pretty interesting.

The most clear of all the things I discovered? That passion guides and drives us. She is as passionate as the day I first met her. I think I am too... sure, we're a little more "rusted and weathered" but inside, that fire still burns in both of us. You can just tell. See, the reason I can see it clearly now is because when I met her - I was really not anyone of importance to her. I was just a dude. But, for us to follow each other for as long as we have - for her, from record label to record label, and for me from station to station - is pretty interesting. And while I was never in a position to work with her like I am now, it's pretty surreal that our paths have always been parallel. And, now, I can say that she is one who knew me when... and that I knew when... and while many things have changed... that passion has stayed the same.

Funny how moments can make us introspective. Funny how those moments can lead to clarity. Funny how life just has - and sometimes - makes - a way.

So, driving home, I'm listening to - aghast - Creed. I've been rough on Scott Stapp. But, the reason that band sold millions of cd's is because of the power of their lyrics. And, a lot of that is due to Mark Tremonti, but I guess I'll give Scott some credit for the writing... On the way home - in the rain, grey, dismal weather that so rarely comes to South Carolina, I listened to the words of Creed's "Don't stop dancin'".

And it made sense.

Click here and read. http://www.creed.com/music/lyrics/dont_stop_dancing.html

Go ahead. Click it. You know you want to. While it may seem like a "downer" kind of song - it's a song of hope... a song of inspiration...

... and a song that when you think about it, like life, makes sense.

This evening, here's to those moments when life just makes sense. Moments that rush back into your mind that make you realize a feeling you thought you'd forgotton. Moments that inspire passion and stoke the embers of feeling at a time when you felt the fire burn down...

... and to those times that you thought may never come again.

Cest la vie... or is it Carpe Diem?

How 'bout "Live with Passion..."

Yeah. I like that.


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