Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Good morning...

So, last evening at 10, I get the call that makes you go "damn..."

"Toby, Jonathon's sick..."

So I am blogging from the studio where I am getting ready for this morning's show where I will keep the chair warm for Jonathon Rush once again. Yeah. I know. It's early... and, I've been having some trouble sleeping lately so I'll suck it up and kick it out of the park!

Last evening, I posted a quote that I found to be very true. And, it is for me. Why? Because let's just say that I've accepted - again - what is a very real truth for me. That it takes courage to know you made a mistake, but it takes an equal amount of courage to be a good parent. That's where I find myself right now in life. Mustering up the courage to be a great daddy to my little one even though life has not been as "perfect" for her as I would have liked for it to be. I won't get into much more here, as there is another place for that, but for so many of you who have emailed me asking what was going on, I'll tell you that things are as good as they can be, and Kyla is doing fine, and life is doing what life does...

... moving on.

Sometimes, the hardest thing to do is accept that life will be hard for a little while. Sometimes, losing one you love is like a storm... but storms are passing.

Short term pain for long term pleasure and hope. Realize that nothing in life lasts forever, and that the future is only what you make it to be.

A return of the introspective TK blog? Na, just me addressing some of the emails I've got lately.

Off to the studio... I've gotta chair to keep warm!


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