Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Living life on the air...

Hi there,

Got an email today, wanted to share it with you... I've promised to many people to eliminate names, etc, because I don't want ANYONE to get any static or emails or anything because they emailed me personally, so if you DO email me, know I'll protect ya!

Hey Toby,

Just wanted to say that I know what your going through, to some extent. I followed the day to day drama when you where in Tampa just for the kicks and I honestly thought it was a joke until things got a little "too serious" and I have learned to keep my life off the air. I certainly hope things get better for ya.......

The guy who wrote is a peer of mine in the industry... He's talking about where I used to work, if you're one of the people who wanders by my blog as a listener...

I don't regret living my life on the air -- good and bad. But, I do wish that I could have held a bit back just so it remained private, personal, and sacred. You've gotta understand, virtually EVERY range of the Human Drama we lived on the air in Tampa... and while this is a GOOD thing because I think that TOO many people in radio are fake, unreal and just full of BS, it DID start to suck when so much of it was lived on the air that eventually, we stopped communicating in person and started communicating via a public forum where anonymous postings could thunder away at what should have remained private.

I can kind of understand why super-celebs like Charlie Sheen, Denise Richards, Britney Federline and others don't dig the paparazzi. For some reason, we, as people, LOVE it when others are doing badly. We EMBRACE it. We use it as an escape from the very REAL problems each of us face becuase these uber-rich people are going through things in front of the world and we think, "hey, maybe my life isn't so f***ed up after all."

I won't stop living my life on the air, bro, and I think you should consider doing it... but, as one who went through it, I'd offer you this caution:

Hold just a little back. Hold the very intimate moments... the personal fights... the disagreements... the walks on the beach... the candlelit dinners... you know, the things that make a relationship special... hold them back. Not eveyone needs to see them... not everyone needs to be a part of them... and remember, your relationship is with just one person, and not the world that is your audience. Be the bigger person and avoid a public "pissing" match so that your private relationship can heal.

I'll say this: life for me is moving forward, but you'll not be reading about all of it here. Why? Beacuse I respect some aspects of it so much that I am applying the lessons learned from my past to it, and keeping just that little bit, private.

I've got many emails lately for some reason from people who are reaching out. Thank you for writing. It's great to hear/see/read that so many of you who are listeners now and who were listeners are interested in how I am doing.

So, how am I? I'm living a life of PASSION... and loving every minute of it.

I'll get into that more later. But I can tell you... when you look for the possibilities that come from life, you find them. When you look for the problems that come from life, you find them, too. I've learned the power that comes from seeking possibilites, so rather than waste my physical and spiritual being on problems, I'll choose to embrace what's possible! It's EXCITING what happens when you do! Try it!

LOL... I can hear Jana telling me to turn off the infomercials LOL... but there's something to this... and I'll share more of it soon...

Chinese Food time... adios!


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