Friday, April 29, 2005

Good things come to...

... good people. And today, someone I've watched for a long time has emerged from her chrysalis...

... and has earned one of the best radio jobs you ever could ask for.

>> note, for you who are reading to see what is going on in my life, you'll have to wait for a minute, I want to have a moment to publically speak about a friend of mine. She knows who she is.

Today, a friend of mine saw the fruits of her labor pay off. At the end of the month, she'll take over for someone I know pretty well (he he he) at a radio station in a major US city in the Northeast. It's a station I know well as its the place where, when I was coming up (and as is common in my career), a Program Director (that's what we call "manager" in radio) took a chance on me. Now, the city - and station - which I still hold close to my heart has taken a great chance on someone who has a great heart, endless passion, an insatiable thirst to learn and a spirit which will never be diminshed.

Sometimes, while she was learning, I'd find myself frustrated. But, I'd tell myself, "remember, she was a young TK once". In fact, this person was YOU once if you ever annoyed your boss with endless questions or, if you ever annoyed less-passionate people by always being around - ready to help... willing to work... and yearning to learn.

I was honored to have been one of several great teachers you had, girl, and I know I was in great company in teaching you with Pete, Sara, Stan and others who you came to hang with along the way. I know I am not alone when I say to you "well done."

I know at times along the way, I would get short with you... or would seem "annoyed" or "pissed off". For all those times, I apologize. Consider that to have been a time where I, like a big brother, got annoyed at a kid sister...

... well, now you're that kid sister who will serve as the greatest testiment to what we accomplished at that place in the sun. And I am proud... very proud... and humbled that you thought enough of me to put me in a great company of "references" on a resume. I'll never forget that I am on that list, surrounded by great company, at the time when you stepped forward to take your place at the table of the best radio jocks of the so-called "new school".

Great legacys in radio are the result of people who do things that are legendary... and legacys are all we, at the end of the day, leave behind...

and when you crack the mic in your new city... your FIRST FULL TIME CITY... you will be the next chapter in the story of the most legendary station of all time.

I was just honored to have been in the room.

Go in there and get your destiny, girl... you've earned it.

Thank you for letting me be a part of it. Now, if you'll excuse me, I've got a flight to book... and a going away party to be at. Along the way, I'll have to stop in JAX to get someone else in this radio game that I am very, very proud of...

- Tobias X. Knapp III

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