Sunday, March 06, 2005

Waxing on rock, Hanibal Lechter and more...

If you listen to the show, you know that one of my favorite songs right now is Papa Roach's SCARS. So, here I am tonight, resting in my apartment in the Northeast of SC's capitol city, wathing Red Dragon on USA... I'd not seen it before, but while watching it, toward the end, Hanibal writes a note to Ed Norton's character and says "I'd imagine you have some scars, don't forget who gave you the best of them and always remember that our scars remind us that the past is real..."

I about freaked the f*** out.

Such a motivational line from Hanibal? Wow.

So this weekend was good...Friday nights at Rio Nightlife are awesome. Everything a club should be. Pancho and I are both there, and the party is great, but the best part about Rio is the genuine relationship we have with the club's owners. It's just a good give and take, you know? They want us to help them throw a party weekly and we really want them to do well.

Ra is a monster. It's Vegas-Meets-Miami-Meets-NYC in Columbia. We were there early on Saturday so I let a friend talk me into going to a show next door at Headliners... the band was Pain In Life, and I can't figure out why they're not signed. They're working with Crossfade people on some projects and I predict that they'll probably blow up this year. I was impressed by someone I was hanging with that night... he's a formidible competitor but an even better dude because he gets it... anyone who gets on stage and kicks it with local band on a song is an automatic kick ass dude in my book. He knows who he is...

Speaking of shows, it was good to go to one again, and I need to get to more of them. I used to really love going to see live music before I got to Tampa. There really wasn't a great live scene there... Star tried to keep it going, but Tampa is the land of the breakbeats, and since glow sticks just dont go too well with acoustic music, the scene kinda died. One of the best things abour Cola is the live music here... its' everywhere you look... people tryin' to make a name for themselves with some great music. Another great band is this band called the MOVEMENT. Damn good band. Again, tbey should be signed.

Personally, I am fine. Day by day, we can make one positive change which will move mountains in your life. Some people don't want to see them, or believe them, but in the end, you have to know that you're doing right, and if you listen to the inner voice in your heart... and I mean really listen to it, you'll know it's leading you right.

Hasta manana, and thanks for reading.



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