Sunday, March 20, 2005

Sunday... Wow the weather is great!

Now, today is an example of a day that defines why I live in the South.

73 degrees on my ride into work today. Yeah, I know work on Sunday can suck, but come on, it's what we do, right? But it was 73 degrees, without a cloud in the sky (ok, maybe some, but who cares). It is and was beautiful. Days like this, I miss my hour long drive from Tampa to Clearwater Beach, but I can deal. We're all put into the place we're currently in during life to prove some things, and to grow as people.

It's beautiful outside today... and I've spent some time driving today, and that being so, I've got some stuff on my mind...

I know it's been a bit since I've blogged... seems to always be the case, right? Well, as you know, I did mornings last week for Jonathon... and I am soooooo glad he's back. 4am is not my bag anymore. Not that I minded getting up early for some morning batting practice, and I certainly didn't mind driving home at 5pm in Columbia Rush Hour traffic, BUT, the morning show is where he belongs, and afternoons is where I belong. I will say that doing mornings again gave me a few ideas for the show which you'll be hearing as the days and weeks go by... so get ready! Jonathon - thank GOD you are back.

That being the case, I kinda lost the time to sit and write a bit here last week, and I apologize.

Lately, I've been feeling fine. I've been working on my life - and the things I know that I can change. I've been frusterated at some things, no doubt, but I am happy to know that I've been changing for the better in many personal areas. There were and are a ton of things which I've had to work on overcoming lately - from the physical to the emotional - but like I said before, when you commit to CANI - that constant improvement I spoke of, your little victories add up and up!

I was talking to someone I work with the other day about changes and such. She seemed to be kind of down, because she's been going through a rough patch in this life (aren't we all?). She didn't get into many details, but she thanked me for "being inspiring". To that person - thank you. I am not an inspiring person, but I do get passionate about some things. And, I meant what I said when I told you some very valuable advice... some advice I myself have had to be reminded of even today:

You can only change what you can change. You can't change other people. And as you begin to make changes, you'll no doubt encounter people who say that you're not changing. Pay them no mind. They don't know what is in your heart... what is in your mind... and more importantly, YOU can't worry about changing THEM when it's YOU that is in need of change! Let their naysaying become a motivation to you as you move forward.

Remember, Rome wasn't built in a day. LASTING changes in life happen when you constantly improve with subtle movement every day. Sure someone may not "see" and you may not be able to articulate "how" you've changed, but trust me, when you commit to changes, YOU alone know. In time, changes to attitudes, lifestyles, relationships, they'll all become clear as you move forward. And if the people who served as a catalyst for change don't want to see it, it could be because they themselves need to make a few changes of their own.

So, go ahead and vaccum the living room tonight. Do that one extra load of laundry. Get up 10 minutes, 20 minutes or 30 mintues earlier to meditate, read or study some empowering literature. Hit the gym tonight after work. Do ONE MORE REP when it comes to cardio. Tell someone you believe in them. Do something for a co-worker that goes beyond the "professional". Call your Dad or Mom. Call your grandparents. Tell your family you love them. Call the doctor and get that checked out. Ask someone about their family. Run. Pay that bill on time for a change. Try something new. Cook for yourself. Save 10 dollars this week. Tell someone you love them, even if they don't want to hear it or believe you. Hug your child, and if you can't, imagine yourself doing it... I bet they can sense it. Did I mention to tell someone you love that you love them?

See? Little things. They add up don't they? Day by day. Hour by hour. Minute by minute, life gives you every opportunity to excersize CONSTANT and NEVER ENDING IMPROVEMENT. They're more than just words. They're a lifestyle. You see them, don't you? You KNOW they're changes for you. Change is action, not words. You're not supposed to articulate it... you're supposed to LIVE it!

Oh, and a word on if you "mess up" or "blow it". Something I've been guilty of - especially in some areas - is allowing myself to get a bit frustrated. We've all been there, right? You know... the situations where you're in a conversation that takes a turn for the negative or worst and you blurt out some comment desingned to hurt.

Mistakes happen, even when you're working toward positivity. Apologize, Internalize, and move on. Even the greatest people in life made mistakes, screwed up royally, and seemed undeserving. It's those people who have LEARNED from their mistakes that truely achieve greatness. How many times did Trump declare bankruptcy? Look at President Bush! His mistakes - from drugs to drinking to failed past businesses arae well known, and yet he's the most powerful man in the free world! Clinton's indescretions are well known, too!

Remember, Rome wasn't built in a day, and at times, the construction was shoddy at best. All parts of the moasaic that is life. If you screw up, weave on and believe in yourself. You CAN overcome and make amazing changes, and live a more fulfilling life.

Need a real life example? Look at the story of the woman who stopped the Atlanta shooter last week. Her husband was stabbed in gang related stuff. She had a DUI, and many personal issues and problems. She was still able to - when her time came - rise to the occasion and become a hero - one who saved countless additional lives with her cool head and her ability to make this man see some sensibility.

We are all one moment away from being called to greatness. Make certain YOU are ready. I know I am.

So, there are some songs in my ipod now...

Dishwalla/Collide (just got added today... Yes, by the Counting Blue Cars group. This song is amazing. You need to go check it out. It will put them back on the map, no doubt.

Audioslave/Be Yourself - Just a great song. I love Chris Cornell (formerly of Soundgarden). Amazing.

Sum 41/Pieces -- Again, just another great song.

Jimmy Eat World/Pain -- EMO-Music lovers, unite! It's a HIT.

John Legend/Ordinary People - Yiiiikes. Good!

Kelly Clarkson/Behind These Hazel Eyes - She's on fire.

Backstreet Boys/Incomplete - Just a smash. Feeling. Anyone in a relationship gone wrong can relate.

tobyMac/Gone - Just listen to it. I think he's singing about me.

Tim McGraw/Live Like You Were Dying - Just describes the catalyst to my personal awakenings lately.

Ha! I just remembered I forgot to post some of your thoughts and comments about my last iPod playlist! Maybe I should make a tk|podcast for you and post it here so you can download it... maybe this week!

Send some good thoughts my way! Keep the karma coming, because I know I need it! Want to email me? Reach out at and if you've ever been to a place where you were invited to be, but where you are not really "wanted" at, and you have any thoughts, please feel free to share! I know someone who is going through a tough time and could use your help and experiences!

Live! There's no one stopping you!

... i am out to enjoy a sunset from this dam near where I live. Lake Murray Dam. I hear it's awesome...

More soon...


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