Monday, March 14, 2005

OMG... new DAVE coming!

DMB with a new CD! "Stand Up" is coming in May! I can't wait... I LOVE me some DMB!

So, there were a lot of things we went over on the Morning Show... Check out HERE to see what we went over today... like, in SC, they want dealers to buy a "stamp" if they sell POT! Can you believe this crap? I can't make it up... go see for yourself now!

More later... Gotta go home and sleep... I've been here 12 hours... That's long enough, I'd say...

By the way... If he's reading, Jonathon Rush... thanks for trusting me to drive your morning show while you've been out. With all your longevity in the market, and your popularity which is more than the president's... it's an honor!

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