Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Howie Day

No, this post is not brought to you by a record company, but I'm pretty psyched about this Howie Day show we've got at Rio on Friday. We're calling it "GIRLS NIGHT OUT" with Howie Day, and honestly, it's a pretty amazing feeling to know that all these women are going nuts to get in! In fact, earlier, when we were over at Rio, someone called and asked if there was any way to buy their way into the show!

There isn't. You've gotta win your way in. Or, know someone who can put you on the guest list ;) Want to go? Email me, and maybe I can pull some strings with the Program Director of the station... tobyknapp@clearchannel.com is my email....

The weather is amazing today, just really windy... a front blew through last night and it rained/stormed like a mofo last night. It woke me up and I was thiking of what it would be like if little Kyla was still here in Columbia with me. Would she cry? Would she end up in bed with daddy to know that she was ok? It's kinda funny... lots of things like that are hitting me now. Like today at lunch, we walk into the restaurant and a little kid looks at me and smiles. I smile back but my mind wanders to a place that I can't be right now for reasons that I've tried to change but still remain out of my control. It kinda hurts. But it doubles my resolve to be a better daddy - even if from a distance.

Oh well... Such is life...

Spring Break is going on in my old hood... I love it. I was getting text messages and emails from people I used to work with... I guess FLZ is back at Shepards... god I miss that place. Shepards was a great place to work - with great people and insanity. Someday, go to Clearwater Beach and stay at Shepards. Tell Gerri I say hey when you're there!

More later... adios, Hombres... the El Chico curse is ON!


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