Friday, March 04, 2005

Everybody's searching for something...

... something to feel and to hold...

Lines from an old song... God knows I probably butchered some old Van Halen lyrics just now, but I spent some time with some people I know this evening, each who is in some way looking for something more to this life. It's funny, beacuse the people I was talking with after my show today are great people, but the uncanny thing is how we've each managed to allow - for whatever reason - our relationships to go awry. While each of us has very different reasons for what is wrong with our current "situations" or, in some cases, a lack thereof, the one constant is this:

Each of us is kinda seeking a way to make them right.

I don't want to get into detail about the people I was talking with. I doubt they're even reading my blog, and if they are, I want to protect what was some very frank and open dialogue we had. Just know this: Each is looking for something. We all are. One wants to make things right with someone they're with. Another wants to right the wrongs and work for a future if it's possible and finally, one just wants to be loved by their SO.

It felt good to listen tonight. It felt good to know I am not alone in this world looking for the "why" to why things are they way they are. It was somewhat refreshing to know that there are others who are just looking for someone to listen, to understand, and for someone who can kinda give them some reassurance that things can be better.

Things can be.

I've learned lately, through trying to make constant and never ending improvements to this thing called life, that you can indeed learn from situations as you strive to move forward into a live of CANI. I've learned that you can make changes internally that will cause that inner light we all have to shine, no matter how long it's been dormant for. When you commit your life to making things better, one day at a time, things which seemed trivial fade away, and the real things which can be fixed remain.

So, if there's anything I took from tonight's conversations... let's call them the "greystone conversations"... it's this: Hope. Never lose it. Always believe in it. And if your hopes lead you to another place, realize that it is what was meant to be, and if you're willing, able and strong, you'll find that peace.

When you move forward, some people won't like it. They'll want you to revisit the past again and again until you become exhausted from traveling in circles. But when you've made your peace with the past, the lingering doubts fade away, and a new dawn comes. One which brings a new day filled with hope. Here's to those new days... and to the hope that they can happen every day.

I know this may seem kinda blah to some of you. Sorry. I just really felt tonight, while driving home, listening to Dave, that I'd share something with you which kinda brought me some calm tonight.

Now... off to a club! Rio is tonight. It's a great place. Great owners and a great venue. We've got a private show there in a week with Howie Day. He sings this song called "collide" and people seem to be excited about it. I am... I love that we've brought two great up and coming acts to perform for our WNOK fans since i've been here... and I hope we bring many more. If your from COLA and want to go... hit WNOK.COM and make sure you're a VIP!



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